Mila de Mier, Florida activist, found dead in hotel pool in Washington, where she’d gone to submit petitions against release of Gates’ GM mosquitoes in FL and TX

Hard now to remember that the New York Times‘ David Burnham worked with Karen Silkwood on exposing the corruption at Kerr McGee, that 20th Century-Fox released the movie, with Meryl Streep, about what happened to Silkwood, and that the Times‘ Vincent Canby (among many others) gave the film a good review.

Today, the Times won’t even mention Mila de Mier’s death, or why she was in Washington, unless it gets some traction, in which case the Gray Lady’s droogs will jeer it as “conspiracy theory.” Neither the Times, or any other major Western “news” outlet (or many minor ones), or any Hollywood producer would ever even think to shed some light on the corruption, or totalitarian intentions, of the Gates/Big Pharma/CDC/WHO complex, which makes Kerr McGee look like the Girl Scouts of America.

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