“Masking Ourselves to Death” (COMPLETE first half)

A few days ago, when I sent out the first third of this text, I wrote that I would send the rest in two further installments.

But, in light of what’s been happening over just these last few days, I’ve decided to send all of it out now. As RFK, Jr. said so powerfully in Berlin (to over a million people), what’s looming on the near horizon is totalitarianism—a threat not just in some few “closed societies” ruled by dictators right or left, but an unprecedented global system of control by governments and corporations, and the elite interests backing them. 

Our conquest by that system will depend on our compliance with the “rules” established (with no democratic process whatsoever) by the COVID-19 panic that’s been stoked, and is being now protracted, by “our free press” and its counterparts worldwide. As mask mandates have been crucial to exacting that compliance, and are now being perversely tightened even as the COVID crisis ends, those of us who will not give up our humanity, or have our children huddling “safe” in constant fear and isolation, must now stand up together and refuse those mandates, which have no scientific basis, and are doing us immeasurably more harm than “the coronavirus” ever could. 

There is abundant evidence, of several kinds, that masks are ineffective and unhealthy; and I’ve attempted to present it here, as clearly (and readably) as I can. I hope that you will see it as a trove of ammunition to be used against the mammoth propaganda drive that has so many healthy millions injuring themselves, and taking all the joy out of our world, by wearing masks.

p.s. My thanks to Dick Atlee, who helped me greatly by formatting this monster.

2 replies on ““Masking Ourselves to Death” (COMPLETE first half)”

Thanks for doing the research to put this paper together! I knew all this but couldn’t put it into words and didn’t have time to do this. The truth is, EVERYONE knows these things, down deep in their hearts. But some people are using the masks to their advantage for instance extending the time that they can collect “stimulus” money, etc. Or just extracting Narcissistic Supply from situations where they can appear superior and release rage on supposed “spreaders”. Thanks for bringing this to light.

Mark- thank you for 1) speaking up and 2) compiling this well cited essay

I’ve shared it far and wide and I’m in this fight as well to preserve and restore our natural rights

I’ve passed your contact info to influencers to amplify your message- have you reached out to Joe Rogan, Patrick Bet-David / Valuetainment and other podcasters that have a lot of eyeballs to amplify your message ?

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