It seems that something very wrong has happened in LA

Watch the video in this article from ZeroHedge, then read the Los Angeles Times article about it, with its dramatic photo of a wounded protester tended to by medics. 

When, and by what, was that woman hurt? The overhead video of the truck’s passage through the crowd shows no such thing.

Unless I’m missing something (and please tell me if I am), this is as scary as it is disorienting. The whole episode, from the high-speed chase by that black truck, to the violent assault by its passengers, to the arrest of the driver they’d attacked, to the LA Times’ patently staged visual, appears to be one moment from a massive psy-op.

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Hello Mark,
I saw these episodes yesterday. There was a protester with a placard who was hit at about 20 mph quite by a large black truck earlier I believe(different from the one that chased the prius I am assuming) and it’s probable that the mob was then very annoyed with the Prius driver, and took their rage out on them. The following footage shows the Prius incidents, and at the bottom of the page there is the separate incident of the person getting hit by the truck. More than that I can say. Such insanity. Hope this helps. Thanks for all your work.

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