Evidence that California’s wildfires have been fed by laser beams

From Mary Ravetti:

I’m following up on the Dutchsinse September 9, 2020, Twitter post you published, which I found utterly shocking, yet believable. The post claims laser beams exacerbated California’s wildfires. 

I recently found this article featuring a Dutchsinse 20-minute YouTube clip, dated September 8, 2020, displaying his computer’s desktop as he discovers the laser beams over California on that date. The beams are directed at the fires, and the heat intensifies whenever a beam makes contact.

The clip also displays the source of the technology displaying the beams, obtained through a university portal at the College of DuPay ( Illinois.

I’m not an engineer, but found this thoroughly fascinating. 

There appears to be validity and science behind what Dutchsinse discovered and subsequently posted the following day @Twitter, September 9, 2020.

Unlike the drones and “heli-torch-copters” spitting fiery torch balls and flammable liquids upon the California landscape to allegedly combat the wildfires, these laser beams are another story.

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