Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer scientist, on the bio-fascist state metastasizing in the UK (MUST-READ/SHARE)

It can happen here, and there—and so it is, worldwide.

The best thing we can do is spread the word about it, and join forces.

Dr Mike Yeadon:

Yesterday, 2 strikingly similar events tells us the oppressive police state closes in. My sister is visiting her daughter in Lincoln & loves looking after her granddaughter. Daughter & husband go out for a drink as a couple (they’re fit & well, late-20s). No pub would let them in because they don’t have the NHS Proximity App.

They just don’t want to be tracked, thanks very much.

Meanwhile, earlier on the same day, a family friend & daughter tried to go for a pizza in Zizzis in a small town near Guildford. Again, told unless you stand outside and download this App, we’re not serving you. They went somewhere else on principle.

It is simply not necessary to be doing anything about covid19, and definitely not this App. How many readers know that summer flu typically kills 200 people every day in July? That was 5x the number of covid19 deaths, even though the reporting biases the cause to covid19. For example, if a person died of pneumonia & had a covid19 positive in the last 28 days, its coded covid19.

Vallance/Whitty sombrely warned us of “the potential for 200 covid19 deaths per day” sometime in October, if we didn’t accept Draconian measures. I’m much more knowledgeable about immunology than SAGE. I was shocked yesterday to review the membership & as of the whole around 4-5x slower pace than the March ‘afterburners on full’ climb when we were at the maximum susceptibility & as predicted, the deaths per million population is far smaller now in the most infected, dense conurbations than in the centres of recent outbreaks.

At rise of the spring phase of the pandemic, they had NOT ONE immunologist. It’s no wonder they don’t realise that we are close & in places over the threshold for “community immunity”. We know this by (1) the shape of the daily deaths versus time plots, (2), the fact that covid19 deaths essentially ceased during the late summer, (3) the @SecondaryRipple is happening & simply not necessary to do anything, let alone this East German tech surveillance & interferences with civil society that we’re accepting, it seems, with hardly a murmur.

‘Lockdown’ (as abbreviation for state interventions) will not save a single life.

At best, these deaths will be displaced into the winter. Those dying “with or of” covid19 continue to be, as previously, in the old, frail & already unwell. Over 50% of recent covid19 deaths were in the over-80s & 95% were in the over-60s. As before, most had at least two life limiting, chronic disease such as dementia (the largest category), diabetes, obstructed lung disease, kidney failure etc. It is beyond question that in almost all cases, the next viral infection will see them into the next world. So they cannot be “saved”. So it is WHOLLY IRRATIONAL that Govt. has chosen to place large tracts of the country under “measures”.

It’s worse than that. I’m completely certain that the best thing to have happened would have been NOT to do testing in any locations where young people gather (I’d abandon all community testing), let this years intake at secondary school, 6th form colleges & Universities do what healthy, enthusiastic young people do, which would add another few percent to community immunity by middle of Oct & in all likelihood, that would abort even the current @SecondaryRipple.

The ignorance that is demonstrated daily by SAGE & by ministers will, I am certain, lead to MORE covid19 deaths than if we do nothing. They’re trying mightily & wholly inappropriately to prevent the normal & unquestionably beneficial process whereby young people build their acquired immunity. Lockdown, killed 20k people approx through poorer access to healthcare.

Even SAGE’s own estimates of additional fatalities arising directly & indirectly from their “measures” currently sit at 75,000. So far, 42,000 have died “with or of” covid19. Meanwhile, these chaotic and. damaging “measures” have completely wrecked our economy & I’m concerned that we’re already beyond repair of some of it. We’ll experience a bleaker future rather directly as a result.

Aside from the cold economics, family businesses have been as destroyed as if Govt had fire-bombed their premises, bringing bleak futures & retirements to millions. I’m normally quite hardy & I am aware I’m suffering from almost disabling levels of anxiety.

And we’ve stood by while civil society is dismembered, week by week, severing relationships which, for many people than they’d rather not be alive & living in U.K. if the trade-off is this living near-death. I’m doing what I can in providing science based testimony. I can’t demonstrate or organise it. It’s not what I’ve ever done, either.

So, some of you reading this absolutely need to organise, raise petitions, lobby your MP, write to the PM, etc. Persuade others that far from expert guidance coming from the SAGE & others at the top, they’re ignorant (or malevolent) & are engaged in acts so destructive to the nation in all its pieces that I am of the belief that, if it isn’t stopped & imminently, the U.K. we knew and loved will be deleted.

It’s not for me to work out motives. But it’s enough to know that Ferguson, Whitty & Vallance each stand to become very wealthy if they succeed in torturing us through the winter, by which time lots of you will be desperate for a poorly tested vaccine which most of you do not need.

Finally, the “coronavirus emergency” – which has long been over, by the way – has resulted in what are essentially extraordinary War Powers “in order that they can act fast when needed”. I don’t think they need do any such thing. But these Powers are ALREADY being used to insert into our lives & against our wills, invasive surveillance software. Absent these War Powers, this could not have been done without parliamentary approval.”

Dr Mike Yeadon is the former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd.

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