9/11 was the template for the nightmare wracking us today (MUST-WATCH from James Corbett)

A brilliant explication of the dark continuum between 9/11 and the COVID-19 crisis.

I think it’s far superior to Pepe Escobar’s piece, which I sent out yesterday, and which prompted this caveat from Barbara Deutsch, who, though she appreciated it, added this:

I am puzzled and disturbed that while Escobar does credit Architents and Engineers for their work, he does not mention the larger effort at discovery and disclosure of the truth, in which A&E for 911 Truth play so exceptionally important a role.  Worse, in emphasizing how he has from 2001 on raised questions (some of them, he says, not yet answered), and in citing a few book titles, Escobar doesn’t cite a single one by David Ray Griffin; and he gives no indication that he’s aware of the extraordinary International Review Panel David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth assembled, and participated in, leading to their book 9/11 Unmasked.

I wish someone would call Escobar on this.  To claim credit for his own questioning, while omitting any reference to those authors, the Review Panel, and to the years of careful, conscientious, collaborative effort to assemble and examine questions and to come as near to answers as possible: this shocked me, I see it as inexcusable—reprehensible, really — on Escobar’s part.

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