Will people dropping dead from 5G be reported as COVID-19 cases?

That may be the “second wave” that Bill Gates, barely able to conceal his smile, warned of a few weeks ago—a “second wave” of deaths by 5G, which will be used to further panic people into getting those injections. The time to stop 5G is now, whatever that may take.

From Les Jamieson:

At the behest of the White House, the Pentagon has found a way to facilitate and fast-track the use of satellites to immerse the planet in electro-magnetic frequency for 5G wireless networks. This is a stark example of the agenda laid out in the Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020 in which military and intelligence agencies, and commercial interests work in tandem to ensure the entrenchment of 5G wireless technology. The Pentagon has proposed to share 100 megahertz of spectrum it uses for military purposes. Although this particular move utilizes “mid-band” frequencies from 3450 to 3550 MHz , rather than the higher millimeter frequencies, the overall effect of pushing wireless over superior quality wired technology and dragging the public into a technocratic dystopian reality is the same. This will result in higher saturation of elctro-magnetic pollution surrounding us. From, “5G is seen as vital not just for telecommunications but for self-driving cars and a host of other devices — the Internet of Things —that require constant low-latency, high-bandwidth data sharing to function.” 

For those not familiar with the Internet of Things, think of “smart home” devices from door bells to appliances, smart meters, and gadgets like Alexa. According to chip-maker, Intel, “Our IoT world is growing at a breathtaking pace, from 2 billion objects in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 2020. That will be around 26 smart objects for every human being on Earth!”. (See This is just the beginning. Plans are well underway for smart cities, even smart “wearables”, and much more. Along with all this wireless ubiquity is the continued accumulation, Big Data, further loss of privacy.

This move to give up military spectrum for commercial uses is also framed as beneficial in the competition with Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, to dominate the 5G markets as well as avoid potential security risks. This is a very false argument. Again, there is no recognition of the inherent vulnerability of wireless networks and the low to zero probability of hacking fiber optic networks, which have already been paid for and partially built out.

Additionally, the much-touted policy argument that new wireless technology is necessary to provide internet access to rural and suburban America is being used. Yet there is no recognition that homeowners throughout the country are opposing 5G small cells in their communities due to the fact that property values decline 20-25%. This is a significant financial hit. Why the loss in value? Enough people have been injured, and enough people have become informed of the peer-reviewed scientific research highlighting the biological harm of electro-magnetic frequencies. Satellite-based 5G emissions will devalue far more than homes. What we are seeing is an existential threat to all living things for a technology being driven by the lust for profits, total surveillance capability as exists in China, and by extension the capability for control of the masses. Liberty will be a distant memory.

Is there any reason to believe the Pentagon, the FCC, and the telecoms, as the main forces behind 5G and wireless technology in general are simply unaware of the various damages that will result? They are as aware as the tobacco industry was aware of the negative impact of nicotine and the many chemicals used in manufacturing cigarettes. Unlike tobacco products, the public will have no choice in being exposed to 5G frequencies and beyond.

This 100 Mhz of spectrum will be auctioned off in December of this year. Now, there is an urgent need to lobby government officials, the financial sector, and mainstream media on the dangerous path being taken when a better, faster, truly smart internet option exists. This is about  standing for the fundamental right to preserve our health, safety, and privacy. This is also about demanding that official government agencies paid for by taxpayers create policies that protect the public interest. Otherwise, we have corporate dictatorship which only sees profit as the further accumulation of debt-based fiat currency and share prices. Destruction of human health, the planetary biosystem, and the earth’s electro-magnetic equilibrium is inexplicably overlooked.

For more on the recent move to give away military spectrum to  commercial interests, see:

Time is not on our side. Please spread the word.

Les Jamieson
New Yorkers 4 Wired Tech

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