Why have the “anti-war” activists not joined us all in trying to stop this war against humanity itself?

From Vanessa Beeley (on FB): 

I watched the images and videos of the crowds gathering in the UK and Europe with simmering hope. People are awake and aware of the lies being fed to them by their governments and tame media outlets – the #Covid_19 gaslighting project has decimated the economy, led to a deliberate culling of the elderly who are being tortured, detained and allowed to die isolated and without medical attention.

Abuse in children has increased during the imprisonment of lockdown, suicide is on the rise, depression abounds all because of scientific models that are being challenged by a huge number of doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, nurses, virologists and other such experts. We are globally being tenderised for a future of serfdom and obeissance to Empire, the same empire that has destroyed target nations, murdered target peoples and run infanticide campaigns globally but we are supposed to believe them “this time”.  Now, we are the victims of hybrid warfare and the anti-war organisations don’t recognise it or are now so horribly absorbed into the establishment, they don’t want to see it.

No, I am not saying Covid19 is a hoax, I am saying it is NOT a “pandemic” and when the dust finally settles as it did over the WHO “pandemic” swine flu hysteria in 2009, will people remember these words? People who are now pushing us to “trust the WHO” have forgotten this statement:

“”The world is going through a real pandemic. The description of it as a fake is wrong and irresponsible,”

Not long after the swine flu hoax was proven to be just that, a hoax.

“This wasn’t merely overcautiousness or simple misjudgment. The pandemic declaration and all the Klaxon-ringing since reflect sheer dishonesty motivated not by medical concerns but political ones.

Unquestionably, swine flu has proved to be vastly milder than ordinary seasonal flu. It kills at a third to a tenth the rate, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. Data from other countries like France and Japan indicate it’s far tamer than that.” Forbes article.

The consequences of lockdown and mask-wearing are not temporary, they will affect the global population for decades and will only be exacerabated if people do not resist the power grab that is being foisted upon them – the fourth industrial revolution, the surveillance epoch, the chipping and tatooing, all this will  beome normal and you will be no longer in charge of your life or your security, you will be a blip on the ruling elite radar that can be eliminated with the push of a button. Everything will be out of your hands, including your own health and you will live in a global health tyranny, a medical totalitarian universe.

My greatest disappointment is with the so-called anti-war movements who have stood shoulder to shoulder with me in #Syria but who now shun those members of their community who are afraid for the future of humanity. They now are the censors, the de-platformers, the scathing smearers lumping us all together as anti-vaxxers, whack-jobs and granny-killers. When did this level of intellectual dishonesty and cowardice creep into their discourse? When did they become what they most abhorred before? When did they disallow opinion because it does not agree with their group think?

Do they really believe that people they have platformed in the past, whose research they have relied upon to evidence their anti-imperialist opinions are now foolish enough to take a position without research and evidence? Do they believe that we can be dismissed as idiots who do not care about humanity when they have spent years extolling our virtues as defenders of humanity? Do they believe we would deliberately cause the death of one human being or if they dig deep enough, do they remember that we care more than the majority of human beings about human beings?

I am writing this because I hope that all those maybe frightened and misled individuals and organisations will come to their senses. You have a responsibility as influential movements – to inform and educate but when you educate people on only one side of the argument you are the system, you are the establishment. You cease to be speaking truth to power, you are speaking lies on behalf of power and worse, you do not even entertain an alternative view held by your former comrades.

You know who you are. Please reconsider the censorship of alternative views on #Covid19, the doctors, scientists and ordinary human beings who do not accept loss of health sovereignty deserve to be heard or you are nothing but instruments of oppression.

Sadly, it appears that Ken Stone has already blocked me despite hosting me in Canada last year to speak about #Syria.

“Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves” ― Imam Hussein Ibn Ali “

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