Who is the Italian doctor warning of the COVID-19 vaccine’s deadly purpose?

From Gary Kohls:

Friends: Here is the essential information from Dane Wigington, founder of the important website/ movement Geoengineering Watch, regarding the identity of the Italian physician who did the important video a couple of days ago.

Please also check out Dane’s website at

Subject: Re: Dane, do you have any more identifying information on the Italian MD?

Hello, Gary, short answer, yes. 

FYI below, message back to me from one of my contacts, a recently retired physician / surgeon, multiple world locations. 

On Aug 27, 2020, at 6:42 AM, Dr.Anthony Parkes  wrote:

Came across this on Dr Roberto Petrella -the retired Italian Dr in the Video.

He runs a clinic in Terano Italy called New Frontiers in Medicine. Has website with phone numbers etc.

He was apparently struck off the medical register following his comments on the HPV vaccine being dangerous — which it was, as you know.

Also there are headlines that Italian lawmakers want Gates investigated for crimes against humanity.

As you probably know – much better searching on Duck than Google re censorship. 



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