Trump appoints Dr. Scott Atlas, opponent of the COVID-19 panic, to head the COVID-19 Task Force (thereby sidelining Fauci)

Of course, Politico depicts this clear step in the right direction as another of Trump’s disastrous deviations from “the science,” as if Dr. Fauci hasn’t been a steady fount of lethal pseudo-science throughout this crisis (and for decades before).

That Fauci has pooh-poohed HCQ+, urges everyone to wear cloth masks—the kind that’s likeliest to make its wearers sick (according to an RCT in the British Medical Journal), and now wants everyone to get a flu shot, which increases the likelihood of severe COVID-19 infection, makes clear (or should) that he’s a menace, who should not just be sidelined but replaced, investigated and indicted.

Article link:

Atlas’ April 2020 Op-Ed:

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