Some promising developments—and an urgent warning

From Lila York:

Folks, there are several critical developments happening now that give us all hope that we can save our democracy, our constitution and our freedoms and try to recover our humanity and our culture in full. I am going to link a few articles and urge you to read them.

1 – Doctors across the US write an open letter to Dr. Fauci testifying that HCQ+ zinc cures the virus in phase one and demanding that he support its use on an outpatient basis which will save hundreds of lives.

2 – 640 German doctors inaugurate the covid19 extra -parliamentary inquiry committee. stating that the virus, though real, is a typical flu and that the covid 19 pandemic is a global scam. “The two key questions are 1 – Who would do this and 2 – Who benefits”. They will be joined by hundreds of doctors from across the globe.
– 3 minute introduction in English
– 29 minute detailed explanation of the project in German with English subtitles.

3 – From CDC data, 2020 has the lowest weekly death rate in a decade – so far. Where is the pandemic?

4 – Grass roots organization make Americans free again

5 – I watched a two hour video on 5G satellites and their effects on the planet, animals, plants and humans hosted by Arthur Firstenberg, the world’ s foremost expert on electricity and electro magnetic fields and author of The Invisible Rainbow, a book everyone should read. His conclusion was that we must stop 5G satellites before they are activated mid- September, and the only route he knows for that is for everyone on the planet to understand how dangerous smart phones and wifi are and throw away their cell phones, ending the demand for 5G and giving the governments no way to track human movement and action. Video is up only this weekend. (You can start halfway through, since Firstenberg did not join until late)
shorter video by him here :

There are some very unsavory powerbrokers with totalitarian plans for us. They are not hiding it. It goes by “Agenda 2030,” now sped up to be agenda 2020, “ID 2021”, an inserted tattoo chip under our skin containing our financial and medical records, The great reset. and – worst of all – “transhumanism” – essentially turning all humans into robots by altering our DNA via injection.  At the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, the corporate members cackled with glee saying that the virus gave them “such a wonderful opportunity to inaugurate “The Great Reset”—meaning one-world government, one-world currency, all naturally produced food replaced by GMO food, the end of nation-states, global surveillance of all humans, and a greatly reduced global population. For starters I will just say that without hard cash currency there is no freedom. Those digits in the cloud can be erased at will, and a new “social credit system” means that if you step out of line, you can lose access to your money – among other freedoms. Their goal is global control of all humans. To me this is no different from slavery. So let’s put this information together We have doctors celebrating the discovery of a cure for a lame virus whose presence is dying down to zero, whose mortality numbers peaked in April and have now declined to zero.We have the media ignoring that data and initiating another fear campaign based on fake data. We have doctors around the globe declaring that the pandemic was a fraud and is being perpetuated in the media to serve profits for big pharma. We have the telecoms willy nilly putting thousands upon thousands of satellites into orbit to saturate the earth in man-made 5G radiation  and obliterate the night sky without even the smallest attempt to study the effects on the earth, the ionosphere or on us.

This is my own conclusion:  When Salk discovered the polio vaccine and offered it to the world for free there was joy across the world. It meant an end to that horrific disease. Last week doctors across the US announced a cure for the virus called covid 19 . Was there joy across the land? Did CNN  cheer on the doctors who brought this cure to the public? No. the opposite happened. They accused doctors of impeccable reputations of being “quacks”—GPs and ER doctors of long standing. They included the renowned epidemiologist head of the Yale School of Public Health in their slander. Google removed not only the video of the doctors’ press conference from youtube (now back up at bitchute), but also removed their own website, America’s Frontline Doctors
(now restored)  All news networks are utterly dependent upon big pharma advertising to pay their bills. And big pharma no doubt ordered the shutdowns They have billions in potential profits at stake in forced, mandatory vaccines – none of which are now needed, since there is a safe, effective, and very cheap cure (10 cents per pill for HCQ). widely prescribed for 60 years, long out of patent, so big pharma cannot make money from it. Bottom line – they preferred to see Americans die for lack of access to HCQ than lose their billions from an experimental vaccine that has never been used on humans and never tested on animals. That told me all I needed to know. What it told me is that there is some other motive or list of motives behind this trumped up pandemic – likely universal control and surveillance of citizens. The refusal of governments and media to cheer the discovery of a cure tells us all that it is a fraud upon the people of the globe.

As for 5G radiation poisoning, the 5G satellites are scheduled to be activated mid-September. Millions will become sick from them and some will die from hypoxia. The media will claim the dreaded “second wave of the virus” has arrived or announce some other new virus in its place as a coverup to the lethal effects of 5G. The infamous “deep state” needs 5G to nail down its control of us and operate our cars. (Tesla remote-driven cars routinely crash, fall apart and burn up – not so sure the CIA will have an easy time on that.) I will add here an article I wrote a month ago. I held it back from most of you because what we are fighting is way scary.

by Lila York

Raise your hand if you don’t like the way God created us and think that Bill Gates should be allowed to improve on God’s work by altering our DNA with injected genetically modified nano-particles. No?  Okay.

Raise your hand if you think that the solution to overpopulation is to sterilize every man and woman on earth with millimetre electro-magnetic frequencies.  No? Okay.

Raise your hand if you would like your newborn infant to be injected with formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, Polysorbate 80, dog brains and DNA from aborted fetal tissue. No?

Raise your hand if you want the CIA to drive your car for you. – and incidentally run it into a guard rail if they don’t like something you write on Facebook.  No?

Raise your hand if you think all churches, synagogues and mosques should get the wrecking ball and be eliminated so that God can be replaced by Amazon’s robots.  No?

Raise your hand if you knew that all of the above are being planned for us and are already in process courtesy of Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation.  No?

Then raise your hand if you are willing to defy the government and the telecoms, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and refuse to consent to any of the above and so remain fully human and drive your own car.

Bill Gates’  brave new world will be missing the things that fuel our yearnings and right our moral compass. Things that make us cheer and weep. Imagine a world without Mozart, without Shakespeare’ s plays, Dickens’  novels,  or Jane Austen’s. Without the Rolling Stones or Bach, without Balanchine or break-dancing, without  Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock, without La Boheme or Les Miserables. without Citizen Kane or Star Wars. A world where nobody falls in love or mourns the death of a parent. That is the world Bill Gates is planning for us: a world bereft of human expression, human searching, human joy; a world where God is no longer within us.


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