“Pupils pose little risk of spreading COVID”

This new study (scroll down) reconfirms the findings of some prior research into the COVID-19 threat posed by children. I sent this one out last month:

And, in late June, I sent out this one:

So now we have another study reconfirming, again, that schoolchildren “pose little threat” of killing off their teachers with “the coronavirus.”

But what difference can these findings make to schoolteachers (and professors) whose frontal lobes have been wiped out by fear? Unfortunately, none; because these “educators” are too terrified to take in anything that contradicts the fear-porn that they feed on, night and day, and that they share hysterically, obsessively, almost salaciously online, where they can always find more propaganda to ingest and barf back up at one another. Send them anything that contradicts the deadly narrative, and they just don’t reply. If you happen to run into one who’s slunk out, masked, to run some nervous errand, and tell them something that refutes the narrative, and that (you’d think) might therefore ease their fear, they look at you like YOU’RE insane, or even possibly a closet Trump supporter, and hurry off.

We have people with advanced degrees, gainfully employed by universities and colleges, demanding that those schools shut down, and wondering aloud if there is not some way to keep the student “hordes” from coming back. (Of course, these people all hate Trump for his hard line on immigrants.) And we have schoolteachers preparing for this next school year by writing up their own obituaries (as reported recently on CNN).

The only upside to this dismal situation is that all those people freaking out like this, having gulped down the whole COVID-19 propaganda narrative hook, line and sinker, should really not be teaching anyone.

In any case, this moment demonstrates the awful truth of David Foster Wallace’s cogent observation “that the people to be most frightened of are the people who are most frightened.”

p.s. If you know anyone who’d like to fund a little college somewhere, preferably where no one has to wear a mask, please let me know.

Article re: new study:

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