Profs owe college students something more than blather via Zoom

Here’s proof-positive that US academics, however theoretically sophisticated they purport to be, and however much they know about their own subfields, know nothing about propaganda, or about how “our free press” routinely misreports and/or blacks out important news, in service to their owners, and their advertisers (and the CIA). About this COVID-19 crisis, they know only what’s been dished out by the New York Times and NPR, which is to say that they know nothing, while presuming that they’re really well-informed.

So they’re too terrified to teach in person, and outraged by the expectation that they maybe should, considering how much it costs the students, and their families, to attend the schools where those professors teach. Nearly all these very comfortable professionals are so coked-up on fear that they can’t see how wrong it is to ask those students to sink into lifelong debt to pay for what they’d get a lot more cheaply from the University of Phoenix.

Although completely addled by the fear porn that they soak up from the Times et al., and evidently thinking that their schools owe them a living even if they won’t go near a classroom, these professors see themselves as radicals. Check out this (unwittingly) hilarious passage from “Colleges Face Rising Revolt by Professors,” which the Times ran on July 3:

“Until there’s a vaccine, I’m not setting foot on campus,” said Dana Ward, 70, an emeritus professor of political studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif., who teaches a class in anarchist history and thought. “Going into the classroom is like playing Russian roulette.”

Does Prof. Ward think he’s an anarchist, or does he just make a living (and no doubt a fairly handsome one) yammering about “anarchist history and thought”—which he’ll now do only via Zoom, until he can bend over for that lucrative injection, whose (rushed) manufacture has been funded by a syndicate of predatory billionaires, to make themselves still richer?

Whether that guy deems himself an anarchist or not, Emma Goldman must be spinning in her grave.

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