On those mandatory vaccination bills in New York’s State Assembly

From John Gilmore, Executive Director, Autism Action Network:

The legislature is out of session and probably won’t be back till January but when they gave dictatorial power to Cuomo on March 3, they pretty much rendered themselves irrelevant anyway. 

Most of these bills are quite old and we have been fighting for years.

A6564/S4244 (14 yo can get shots w/o parental consent)
A973/S3899, allows preventive treatment for STDs w/o parental consent
A2316/S2276 mandatory flu shots
S298/A2912 mandatory Gardasil
A099 is a one-house bill and has been around for 10 years or so. the Governor was given the authority 
A99 would provide with the emergency powers on 3/3/20.

A2841 was mislabeled in the thing you sent. It is a one house bill requiring camp employees to get DTAP, MMR and chickenpox vaccines (going nowhere). S4494/A6847  are the bills that create a mandatory adult vaccine registry. It is a Hoylman/Gottfried bill. It got voted down in the Assembly Health Committee. 

A8635/S6717 is new and requires the NYSDOH to keep track of how many medical exemptions doctors write but they are already doing this. Another Hoylman/Dinowitz bill, no co-sponsors.

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