Now that “the curve” has “flattened,” we’re told, conveniently, that someone in Hong Kong was “re-infected”—so BE VERY AFRAID THIS FALL!!

The latest shot of fear porn from “our free press”:

From my friend, the “Devil’s Advocate”:

So now, as the “curve” is not only “flattened”, but gone altogether in many places, we’re supposed to believe someone has been “confirmed” to have been “reinfected” by the “virus” they still haven’t isolated and identified?!

We’re also told this person is a doctor, which I imagine will make some people think twice about questioning the reinfection. (The fact that someone is a doctor would make no real difference to this scenario, but for some people there’s a psychological reaction nonetheless.)

A big lie takes a lot of work to maintain, doesn’t it? Faced with the realization that deaths have leveled off, and that the “wave” can no longer be claimed, and that herd immunity is starting to accumulate, and that some people were actually immune all along, they’re doubling down with another “reason” to believe the vaccine is the only possible “solution”.

They’re probably going to start telling you immunity is somehow not going to happen with this one, even though the infection is supposed to be a “viral” (not “bacterial”, like Rubella). “Look! People are now getting infected a second time!”

It’s time to tell them all to just fuck off.
I’m serious. I’m already doing it.

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