New York State and Sweden have near-identical herd immunity; but NYS had way more deaths, was shattered by the lockdown, its people still in pain, while Sweden’s doing fine

From Kathy Dopp (who also sent the attached graph):

New York State and Sweden have almost identical herd immunity levels; but NYS had THREE TIMES the total number of deaths per population as Sweden. T-cells also create immunity, not just antibodies, so both NYS and Sweden have much higher herd immunity than can be seen by looking only at antibody testing. The virtually identical low (1.1. In Sweden; 1.2 in NYS) rise in COVID deaths per million population in the last few days show both have developed strong herd immunity levels. (New York State has not quite double Sweden’s total population.)

New York’s lockdown exacerbated the spread of the virus by cooping up infected with non-infected persons; and, of course, Cuomo sped up the spread by forcing nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients so he could keep hospitals empty. Thus Cuomo’s lockdown, along with his ban on using HCQ+ to cure early-stage COVID-19, did NOTHING but kill three times more people than those who died of COVID-19 in Sweden, which never locked down, to arrive at the same herd immunity level. (Sweden did implement a temporary HCQ ban, as did Switzerland for just two weeks, until finding that the ban quadrupled COVID-19 death rates, so they reversed it).

And NYS continues to require all persons to conform to the unhealthy practice of mask-wearing by the healthy, so I expect that NYS will continue to inflate its COVID-19 death rate above that of Sweden’s. 

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