More on the minimal German coverage smearing RFK, Jr., and the convenient neo-Nazi “storming of the Reichstag” during the rally

From Uwe Alschner in Berlin:

Dear all, 

There are some brief mentions of Bobby Kennedy‘s speech in the MSM. Attached is a report from „DIE WELT“ published by Springer media, the largest conglomerate next to Bertelsmann (who also own Random House).

The write:
The US lawyer, environmental activist and vaccination opponent Robert Francis Kennedy junior, nephew of US President John F. Kennedy, turns in his speech at the Victory Column against the development of the 5G mobile phone network, warned of a surveillance state and attacked in this context among others Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Referring to US President Kennedy’s famous visit to Berlin in June 1963, he said that his uncle had come to Berlin at the time because the front against totalitarianism was being waged in the city. “Today Berlin is once again the front against totalitarianism,” he added.

Kennedy junior has become largely estranged from his family, and is repeatedly criticized by relatives for his vaccination-critical positions and conspiracy theories. In January 2017, US President Donald Trump had promised him a position on a planned “Vaccine Safety Panel”.

During Bobby’s speech the internet was virtually down. My small channel (compared to the main channels of the movement ) managed to broadcast live on YT but from well behind in crowd. 

The main focus here is on a (probably staged) storm of the Reichstag Parliament building by rightwing extremists. They had deployed heavily armoured police troops all over town, but forgot to protect parliament??? I don‘t buy it. It was staged to quench the still peaceful powerful protest event that clearly gained from Bobby’s attendance! 


Dr. Uwe Alschner
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