Millie Weaver released from jail

From a friend:

For those following the Millie Weaver story (as you should be), there’s good news. As you’ll recall, Millie is the journalist who was preparing to release her documentary “ShadowGate” (which YouTube deleted) on the same day she was arrested on the basis of some bogus “Grand Jury indictment.”

Her kids were also being subjected to some ridiculous juvenile court proceeding, in which their custody and futures were supposedly being decided for them. The juvenile hearing was actually taking place today, ahead of Millie’s “trial.”

Millie and her husband have been released from jail, and her children will be allowed to reunite with them.

The GoFundMe page, opened on Friday by Ezra Levant of Toronto’s Rebel News, has surpassed its goal of $150,000 (that’s Canadian, unfortunately), and Ezra is busy arranging for the money to go directly to Millie. (She’ll probably need a chunk of that to cover her release bond, aside from having to pay lawyers.)

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