Melbourne is committing suicide since 7 old folks died of/with COVID-19

That brings the COVID-19 death rate up to 266, out of a population of 4,936,000.

That’s a COVID-19 death rate of 0.005%.

And look what Melbourne’s doing.

From Elliot Crown:

A “state of disaster” was declared in Melbourne, Australia when SEVEN (7) SENIOR CITIZENS OVER THE AGES OF 70, 80, and 90, died from or with COVID. This is the most draconian measures ever implemented in response to COVID in a western democracy, including:
– Cannot travel more than 5 km from your home
– Can only leave home to exercise 1 hour per day
– Only one person can go shopping per family each day
– All shopping is to be done within 5 km
– No visitors allowed in your home
– Schooling 100% remote with rare exception
– Shutting down all businesses
– Shutting down all services
– Shutting down all construction
In six months time, will this be ‘the new normal’ in many so-called western democracies?

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