It’s now impossible to comment on Bill Gates’ dystopian tweets

He must be getting some unpleasant pushback from the masses whom he’s planning to exterminate.

I have a couple good ideas:

1) Demand that he release his children’s vaccination records, and thereby put to rest the rumor that he wouldn’t have THEM vaccinated.

2) Since he recently slammed “anti-vaxxers like Robert Kennedy, Jr.” for leaving All Of Us defenseless against COVID-19, we should mount a campaign to urge him to debate RFK, Jr., as Alan Dershowitz did. 

Article link:

That’s something we should see; but we certainly won’t, since Gates is too thin-skinned and arrogant to debate anyone, much less such a formidable mind as Bobby, who’d crush him in a proper give-and-take. Gates prefers the softball interview, and forums where he’s treated as a god, to any real discussion of his program, and his atrocious record as a vaccine-pusher the world over. (This was just reconfirmed by his new inaccessibility on Twitter.)

Anyway, it never hurts to ask.

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