EXCLUSIVE: Runbeck Election Services (RES) “joined at the hip” with serial election-thief ES&S

The intrepid Dr. Mercuri has found the missing link between RES, which will run the mail-in ballots in this year’s election, and the infamous ES&S, which has played a key role in stealing (literally) countless past elections. I urge you to archive, ASAP, the press release that she’s unearthed.

From Rebecca Mercuri: 

I wondered if there was any connection between Runbeck Election Services (RES) and the often-considered-to-be-monopolistic Election Systems & Services (ES&S).

Indeed there is.

According to an RES press release, dated June 25, 2019, the California portion of the voter registration system was purchased by RES from ES&S. This enables the possibility of end-to-end control of the election data—or, as RES put it, “a natural fit.”


California Voter Registration System Changes Hands
Runbeck Election Services acquires the Voter Registration System

Phoenix, Arizona, June 25, 2019 —Runbeck Election Services has purchased the California portion of Data Information Management System (DIMS) voter registration system from Election Systems & Software. With nearly 50 years in the election industry providing software, equipment and ballot printing solutions, the acquisition was a natural fit. The knowledgeable staff from DIMS will join forces with Runbeck bringing an in-depth understanding of the integration between the DIMS Voter Registration System used by counties and VoteCal, the statewide database. Currently, DIMS is used by 15 counties in California to process almost 10 million voter registrations and to manage a variety of election procedures. Runbeck is committed to work closely with the Secretary of State and each California county throughout all future election processes.

“We are excited about adding this election management software company to our existing line of products and services. By incorporating the highly-skilled DIMS team, we are strengthening our position to offer unprecedented levels of customer support”, shares Jeff Ellington, Runbeck’s President/COO. “We now have more ways to serve our county and state partners. Ultimately, working together with DIMS will ensure that every voter is valued—it’s defending Democracy at the ground level.”

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