England “death count review” reduces UK COVID-19 toll by 5,000

They had to do it, as the UK’s toll was out-of-whack with the tolls declares by other European countries, which was raising inconvenient questions. (ALL such numbers are, for many reasons, bogus.)

Article link:

The true absurdity of England’s “revised” COVID-19 death count.

From Dick Atlee:

This is worse than you imply, Mark. I’m laughing incredulously. What it says is:

“In England, there was no time limit. Someone who recovered from Covid-19 in March and died in a car crash in July would have been counted as a coronavirus death. Now the UK’s four chief medical officers have decided to use a single, consistent measure and publish the number of deaths that occurred within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test confirmed in a lab, every day.”

In plain text: Now, in the improved system, if someone recovered from Covid-19 in March and died in a car crash in April, they will still be counted as a Covid death. I thought the BBC was at least subtle in their machinations. This is flat-out, in-your-face ridiculous.

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