COVID-19 hasn’t slowed the catastrophic “race to 5G” (whose dangers will make cigarettes look like lollipops)

Part I of an investigative piece from May, now timelier than ever.

BTW, we can thank Obama/Trump, and, of course, the FCC, for pushing this—and the New York Times/Verizon, among others. 

From Gary Kohls:

Note to Anti-over-vaccination colleagues: Given the fact that 1) 5G is known to damage DNA and, given the fact that 2) vaccines are also known to cause DNA damage, shouldn’t the vaccine corporations and their supporters in the NIH, the CDC, the NIAID, etc be forced to acknowledge the high risk of synergistic DNA damage and therefore be required to do extensive testing on all categories of potential patients (7 billion, according to Bill Gates) who are going to be at risk of exposure to both toxins simultandously (5G and each of the new experimental vaccines)?

Basic medical ethics would require doing double-blind safety testing on all age, racial, pregnancy, chronic illness, etc categories that will be at risk. Discuss. GGK 

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