CORRECTION re: Facebook and 2005 chloroquine study

On Friday, I sent out an email with a subject line asserting that Facebook had blacked out the 2005 study, published in the Virology Journal, finding that HCQ “is a potent inhibitor of SARS-Cov infection and spread.”

There I was echoing what a FB friend had told me; I should have checked, because it isn’t true (unless there WAS a blackout that’s been lifted). Right now that article is up all over FB.

However, it’s noteworthy that, when you search FB for “chloroquine is a potent inhibitor,” the FIRST thing that comes up is this gratuitous “fact-check”—clearly a bit of ammo to be fired by trolls assigned to “debunk” that important article:

This is a good example of the vigilance and subtlety with which the FB/Google/Twitter juggernaut polices efforts to correct the COVID-19 propaganda narrative (and every other major propaganda narrative still flourishing today).

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