Children in NYC, and all throughout Ohio, will have to spend their school days wearing masks

Hypoxia and hypercapnia—insufficient oxygen in the tissues, and CO2 overload—are common side effects of masking even for short periods (a problem known to surgeons, and studied by medical researchers), and here we have the children in New York City, and throughout Ohio, required to mask all day this coming term.

Not only is it anti-social, and psychologically unhealthy—with cloth masks likely to increase the risk of viral and bacterial infection (as noted in a study published by the British Medical Journal in 2015)—but those side effects can only make those children poorer students, because they dull the mind. And for what? As every randomized, controlled test of face masks has made clear, they don’t prevent transmission of respiratory viruses.

This crackpot policy is as gratuitous as it is unhealthy, not just because the masks are ineffective, but because kids seem to be immune to COVID-19. Instead of just hysterically insisting that their students all be masked, those teachers who are scared to death of catching the coronavirus should, first, tune out the terroristic coverage by the media, then start boosting their immune systems, and, if they can get hold of it, take prophylactic weekly doses of HCQ, along with zinc and Vitamin D; then try to keep their heads, and do their jobs.

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