Bernie is demanding “masks for all”

“The science is clear,” he says—Dr. Fauci/Redfield having told him so (sticking to the line they’ve been promoting since they switched abruptly from the opposite position back in April).

So Bernie Sanders is on board with the agenda that’s been used, in part, to smash mass movements like the one that he pretended to intend to use to be elected president—the movement he purported to be using to rein in those billionaires now made obscenely wealthier by the agenda Bernie now whole-heartedly supports, which is to keep us all in masks until they jab us all with Bill Gates’ rushed, experimental, deeply dangerous and highly lucrative “vaccine.”

Speaking for myself, as one who (warily) supported Bernie Sanders, today I’d follow Dr. Fauci’s sick advice and not shake Bernie’s hand.

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