As US unemployment rises by a million, protesters build a guillotine in front of Bezos’ mansion.

This is a very good discussion—as far as it goes—of the actual economy. What Krystal and Saagar don’t see (since who wants to see it?) is that a plutocratic system in which workers are no longer needed won’t just have its winners nibbling caviar while all those jobless wretches seethe, and maybe organize.

That system will exterminate those wretches—which is precisely what’s been happening right before our eyes: a slo-mo, incremental replay of the Holocaust, though on a vastly larger scale. That explains COVID-19, the far more lethal lockdowns, the coup de grace to the economy effected by the George Floyd operation, the mask mandates in the hottest season of the year (requiring even children to wear masks), and—of course—the coming mandatory vaccination program.
The bit about the guillotine is at 6:40.

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