Again, two doctors who’ve had great success treating COVID-19 with HCQ

As the propaganda drive against hydroxychloroquine heats up even more, with the smear campaign against Dr. Stella Immanuel (and the simultaneous black-out on the testimony of the 19 other doctors who appeared with her), it’s worth re-sending the links to the testimony of two more doctors who’ve reported stunning clinical success treating COVID-19 with that taboo drug, along with zinc and Azithromycin (what Guy Vantresca calls “HCQ+”).

Here, then, is the link to Del Bigtree’s interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, and, courtesy of my friend Celia Farber, the link to Dr. Brian Procter’s video recounting HIS successful record with HCQ.

Those who will continue to dismiss all such medical testimony out of left-tribalist fanaticism are accomplices in any further deaths unquestionably due to COVID-19.

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