AdBusters sponsors a “50-day siege of the White House,” to help bring on “a new world order”

In the spirit, they say, of #MeToo, BLM and Xtinction Rebellion—thereby verifying that all three of those putatively “grass-roots” movements have long since been weaponized for elite purposes.

To invoke #MeToo in support of Joe “The Groper” Biden would be pretty funny, if #MeToo had not come out against Tara Reade. Invoking BLM in support of Kamala Harris would be funny, too, if her record vis-a-vis the black community were not so ugly. (Among all the black people whom I personally know, I can’t think of one who doesn’t see her for what she is.) And invoking Xtinction Rebellion in support Biden is amusing, too, in view of his entanglement with Burisma Holdings, a fracking company.

I wrote for AdBusters way back when it was new, and thought well of them, until Kalle Lassn, its co-founder, started taking shots at those, like me and Bob McChesney, who think that it’s important to let people know who owns the media, and how the media’s “news” coverage is egregiously distorted to the benefit of their big corporate advertisers. Such basic political economy was just too…. intellectual (or something) for AdBusters’ “culture-jammers,” who were way more into the faux-revolutionary “action” of goofing on billboards.

It now appears that they were assets, either all along or sometime shortly after they began. In any case, their “activism” in support of what they bluntly call the “new world order” is just one more insidious faux-left fraud.

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