Why the WHO faked a pandemic

This piece is from ten years ago, concerning the swine flu pandemic that wasn’t. Michael Fumento, its author, describes himself as “an attorney, author, and journalist who has been documenting epidemic hysterias for 35 years.” His other writings in that vein—including one posted on July 9, on the hysteria today—are at:

Having said that, I feel obliged to note that, if COVID-19 is indeed a bioweapon, as ever more evidence suggests, and if the end-game here is to get all the world injected with the impending witch’s brew of human DNA and Bill Gates’ nanoparticles, we would be foolish to ignore the possibility, or likelihood, that some new pathogen—a COVID-20, say—might not be loosed upon us in the coming months. (It could be that bubonic plague, reportedly discovered in Mongolia just last week:

That scenario seems all the likelier for Bill/Melinda’s gleeful forecast of “the next one,” which “will get attention this time.” If that moment doesn’t necessarily prove that something still more evil this way comes, it definitely proves that those two fake humanitarians are actually a pair of psychopaths, who ought to be indefinitely quarantined, ASAP, for our protection:

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