What was Fauci’s role in funding Tuskegee-like AIDS experiments on foster children in seven US states?

That this evil gnome enjoys a golden reputation as a healer is a testament to the complete corruption of the US press, and (therefore) the ignorance of countless credulous Americans, whose trust in it and him has had disastrous consequences, for decades.

Update: More on Fauci, and the use of black and brown children as guinea pigs for medical experimentation, in New York City

From Mary Holland:


Here’s a good follow-up on Fauci‚Äôs long history:

And here’s a must-watch documentary from 2012, re: using foster care kids—black and brown, and medically fragile— as guinea pigs right here in NYC. These children were subjected to experimentation. 

Guinea Pig Kids: ARV-Babies in New York: 

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