Students at Ohio State required to get flu shots, in order to stay “safe” from the coronavirus

Check out this pledge that students at Ohio State University must sign. Note, in particular, this requirement: “Get a flu vaccination,” to help oneself stay “safe” from the coronavirus.

Link to pledge:

This is criminally bad advice, since flu shots actually increase the risk of catching COVID-19 by 36%, as noted in this recent military study, among others:

“While influenza vaccination offers protection against influenza, natural influenza infection may reduce the risk of non-influenza respiratory viruses by providing temporary, non-specific immunity against these viruses. On the other hand, recently published studies have described the phenomenon of vaccine-associated virus interference; that is, vaccinated individuals may be at increased risk for other respiratory viruses because they do not receive the non-specific immunity associated with natural infection.”

Link to study:

So this is just one more example of authorities, both state and corporate, urging, or mandating, practices least likely to “protect” us from the coronavirus.

From a friend who teaches in that system:

I haven’t seen what they’re doing to the staff yet, but they always start with the students first.

This is part of a universal culture at OSU and just about everywhere.

When OSU at large wants someone to do something, they rarely just ask anymore. They coerce people into signing a form. When pressed, they never give a reason, or state the consequences of not signing the form. They simply harass you until you sign. It’s also never really clear what you’re being asked to consent to. So, for instance, are they signing just to show they’ve read the document? Are they signing to “pledge” to try and follow some guidelines? Are they agreeing to be bound to the terms listed out in the form? What are those terms exactly? Are they required? Are goals stated? Consequences certainly aren’t. Are the requirements overreaching, germane to the goal stated? Are they even legal?

I’ve been coerced into a background check with the ________________ HR. I’ve been told that I consented to not releasing a practice exam answer key and when someone else asked for the answer key the entire class was punished. I’ve had medical procedures I specifically denied performed on me and now the employees are getting a version of consent form for campus procedures that I have not seen yet, but the students (they always experiment on the students first) have this form to sign which states among other things that they must get a flu shot to ward off coronavirus.

It’s not just this form. This is a pattern of abuse universal at Ohio State University. They start on the students, then the staff, then, if they can, they roll it out on faculty and finally the rest of the world. Someone has to check this behavior.

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