On losing friends to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers

As I told Bobby, Phil Kaufman’s 1978 remake of Don Siegel’s 1956 classic is just as good as the original; and it’s even more prescient.

From Bobby Roland:


Having just read your comments around the “BLM hysteric incident,” in particular where you spoke of losing some clear minded friends….. I had to write. I had mentioned that I, and many of my friends are sadly confronted with a loss of a large percentage of friends.

I won’t bore you with the details of my extreme email exchanges with my best friend Mark, who sadly is clinging onto the belief that the “experts” in the corporate media are telling the truth. I’ll just say that when holding his feet to the fire with facts, his hair started to rise and I just had to say the friendship is most important…. and I let it go.

BUT….. I am quite saddened that he is now one of them! Does this not remind you of the movie… “Invasion of the body snatchers?” I offer you two short scenes. And I ask you… Could it be any clearer which side we are on?

We are fighting for humanity! We look around main street and see people with masks….without smiles… without emotions…. walking in fear of others…. looking suspiciously and hatefully at us, and at all those who still stand in dignity to breathe clean oxygen. The mask wearers in following the state dictates are now acting in a robotic, determined, and angry manner towards those who resist. We the healthy are the bio-threat. We who are still as human as we were before the Covid scare began are being scorned by not only strangers, but often by those who we were once quite fond of. They have been taken over by the Gates-Pods!. – “What about love? Will I still love Becky?” – Looking at them gathering the pods, “People I’ve known all my life.”

No kidding Mark. I have been having visions of this movie since this shit began. It really is a wonderful classic movie. And who would have thought when we were so young that it would play true….. but not with pods, but with a nebulous idea of an invisible virus that is out to get us.

One other point. Those on the other side, with the masks…. I’ve realized…. they are more selfish than we, and less courageous. They are so afraid of catching the invisible boogie man, that they are blinded and cannot see the Gates /Gorilla in the room. They refuse to look “beyond” the scare tactics and be clear minded enough to separate fact from ludicrous lies built on greed.

So that’s it. Your comments before the articles and videos are often more poignant than the articles themselves. Keep it up. Lost friendships really hits home with me. Like I said…. I’ve resigned to losing 50% of my friends. Perhaps we should consider it a cleansing or an enema! The ones we are left with will share certain character qualities such as compassion, courage, expansive awareness, succinct analytical skills…. and most of all… a poetic caring for others and what it truly means to be human.

Thanks again for your outreach with the list serve. It has been a great resource for my community. They really appreciate it. We’ve been having BBQ’s once a month at my cabins and it gives everyone a chance to output their feelings… and give hugs!

Bobby Roland

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