On being totally “disappeared” by Google (and slimed by Wikipedia)

Ron Unz’s latest, on his being “disappeared” by Google, prompted me to see how Google is now dealing with myself. While my name, and NFU, still come up, what the curious Google searcher sees first about me is a revised Wikipedia entry, far more hostile than the surprisingly impartial one that they’d been running. Now I’m a subversive menace, pushing “hoaxes” and flogging one “discredited” notion after another.

For some time now, “conspiracy theory” has been cast not merely as insane but downright dangerous—a theme that started, if I remember right, when that guy barrelled into Comet Pizza with a rifle and fired a few shots into the ceiling, reportedly on a psychotic mission to “save the children” who, he’d been persuaded to believe by Pizzagaters, were captive somewhere on the premises. The flagrant takeaway from that performance was that “conspiracy theorists” are a clear and present danger to society.

Now that everyone’s at risk from the coronavirus, that propaganda subtheme has exploded into a nonstop, all-pervasive symphony of fear and loathing, as anyone who questions ANY aspect of the COVID-19 master-narrative is made to seem as lethal as the coronavirus (is still said to be) itself.

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