More deaths, not by the coronavirus, but by medical neglect: “COVID-19 puts critical medical transplants on hold”

From Erin Marie Olszewski, the travel nurse who blew the whistle on the murderous practices at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, “the epicenter of the epicenter.” Her observations on what’s happening right now due to the COVID-19 cult are an invaluable corrective to the ongoing fear porn blasted at us endlessly by “our free press.”


They just had a news story [below] stating that patients are not getting the organs they need to survive because transplants have been halted by more than 50%, due to COVID. Because of this, there are patients who have died and others don’t know when their last day might be. They are terrified.

They are DYING because they can’t get the care they need. But, who cares about their lives? Where are the others standing up for these people? I seriously cannot comprehend the mindset most have of being “too afraid” to stand up to this corruption on another human being’s behalf.

For any medical professionals about to tell me they’re “immunocompromised” and “that’s why.” It’s the same damn argument I heard in NY. My answer, YOU TRY ANYWAY! You do it anyway. This is the EXACT excuse you used in NY for not performing life-saving CPR. If the PPE works, then what’s the harm? This is what you signed up to do. We knew the risks, FYI. These people have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just let them die? That’s your mindset? Despicable.

All focus is on COVID, which has a 99%+ survival rate. Actual sick people who desperately need care are being brushed aside and dying because of the draconian rules and regulations enacted by those with no boots on the ground. I guess these people are just disposable since they don’t fit the narrative. That’s how it works these days, right?

What’s happening in the United States (and around the world) is out of control and unbelievably unethical. I’m so tired of watching people die needlessly while everyone just stands around letting it happen. Can we please put the critical thinkers in charge now? You’re all doing it wrong. 

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