Bari Weiss resigns from the Social Justice Police Gazette, a/k/a the New York Times

Kudos to Bari Weiss, for sticking with her principles, and quitting the Gray Lady’s faux-left cult. She’s not the only Times survivor fed up with that paper’s suffocating groupthink and abysmal journalism. Here, again, is what former Timesman Alex Berenson had to say about the paper.

On the Times’ fierce promotion of the lockdown policy, Alex wrote:

I think this is a very strong effort by the public health establishment to beat down any questions about the efficacy and side effects of lockdowns, an effort abetted and even driven by places like the Times. Nearly the entire media is on board here, and the issue has become incredibly politicized. When I worked for the Times, it leaned left, but it was basically center-left, a voice of the establishment, and the bias was more in the story selection than anything else. Reporters were expected to (and did) write with relative objectivity, avoid snark and opinion, make sure they gave the subjects of articles or the targets of investigations a chance to respond. We knew the rules and we basically followed them. Didn’t mean we couldn’t write strong investigative pieces (I wrote plenty), but we didn’t have politics on every page. That’s gone now.

As for myself—longtime Times subscriber, and author of four Times op eds, and co-author of a fifth—I find myself wishing every day that I could spare myself the agony of scanning it; but, as a student of propaganda, I have an intellectual and civic duty to peruse it, so I have to suck it up, in hopes of getting others to perceive how really bad it is.

Link to Bari Weiss’s resignation letter:

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