A visit from the FBI

Michael Averko, a tireless critic of the Russophobia prevailing in the US foreign policy establishment, and (therefore) “our free press,” had an interesting encounter with two FBI agents a few days ago.

His email reporting it, and his follow-up email noting some responses from his readership, reminds us that we’re always being watched here in the Great Panopticon called “cyber-space.” 

From Michael Averko:

Two young men greeted me in front of my home this morning, saying they were with the FBI and wanted to ask me questions about the Strategic Culture Foundation. The credentials shown to me (and not shown to me again upon my request) didn’t include a photo ID. They only gave their last names and said they were reluctant in giving me their first names on the premise that I might formally comment on this exchange. I regret not taking down their license plate number.

They wanted to know about the Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF), adding that I wasn’t in any trouble and that I didn’t have to cooperate with them. I noted what happened to Michael Flynn. Hence, some  reluctance on my part to engage with them. The only question I answered was on whether the SCF has any ties to Russian military intelligence. I answered by saying I can’t say for sure and doubt it. I added that my impression is that the SCF comprises politically interested Russians, who want to be involved with the issues they cover.

I added that if anyone has issues with my commentary, they should deal with it in a direct manner.

Given the problems in the US, (including a rise in crime), it’d be more prudent for the FBI to not spend such effort on the likes of yours truly. Then again, some, like Susan Rice, have suggested, without any conclusive proof, that the Russian government might somehow be behind the aforementioned US domestic concern.

Follow-up on July 15:

Local office confirmed that the visit was by actual FBI. Feedback is interesting. With confidentiality respected, the following includes an extended exchange with an Obama admin appointee, who has been big on the Russia-bashing media circuit.


The country is frustrated. That implies danger to anyone or everyone. Keep cool Mike. It is your truth about Russia that may have some worried. Best to you for all the great articles you have published over the years. 


Very interesting. I bet they’ll listen in on your correspondence.

Listen to this. My friend’s grandson, who’s in his 30’s, was talking trash [with friends] on their cell phones last month. Typical crap like, if the ****s keep it up we’re going to have to start shooting, etc.

Well, two days later a couple of agents from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are waiting outside his driveway early morning. As he pulls out his driveway they pull him over and start questioning him. Asking if he belongs to any para-military organizations, etc.

It’s scary. The Feds are obviously listening in on conversations!!!


Really don’t get your russia fascination myself quite frankly. Do you do all this writing as a job or a hobby?


This is bizarre. I wonder what was the real intent of their visit and if they were who they claimed to be. 


Without allowing you to write down their identity numbers and names if I was confronted by such alleged FBI assholes I would have reminded them they are not the “secret police” they work for you as a taxpayer and I would tell them to shove it up their ass! Glad you were not very cooperative… 


Susan Rice is the real threat. She is a dangerous war monger who perpetually seeks confrontation with Russia. Unfortunately she is not alone.


Remember–FBI doesn’t stand for Fucking Bunch of Idiots, it stands for Famous But Incompetent.

Contact your US Senators’ offices and keep bugging them until you get something in writing from the FBI. Ditto your US Representative. Put heat on them until something gets sent from the FBI.

That’s my advice. Take it with however many grains/ounces/pounds of salt you want. 


Congratulations, you’ve arrived in that point in life where guys from the FBI are young men. 

Mike, please send me your autograph. It’ll be worth something after they start tracking you with black helicopters or, worse, Predator drones.

Also, did you call the local FBI to see if they are aware of the investigation?


Next time don’t talk to anyone without getting their full names and identity numbers.

I don’t think you dealt with any sensitive information, but when in doubt, tell them you want your attorney present.


Well, as amusing things go, I think anyone would prefer a good romcom to that sort of visit. Michael Flynn’s case is a chilling example of how supposedly informal conversations can be used. Am sorry to hear you had to deal with this.  

****  [Exchange with unnamed Russia-basher, appointed to some post by Obama:]

In reverse chrono order:

Sure. Just letting you know that you carry on like a coddled brat.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 12:02 AM
Subject: Re: Somewhat Amusing FBI Visit

Can you please just stop emailing me?  Thanks.

Michael Averko <<>> wrote:

[External Sender]
Which explains why the FBI spends their time on me. As for felons, Brennan, Schiff, Duckworth and Clapper have lied without penalty. Insulting me with an inaccurate characterization doesn’t come across as being so intelligent.
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 9:55 PM
Subject: Re: Somewhat Amusing FBI Visit

No. It’s just really sad that you’re such an uneducated sycophant. Flynn and Stone are convicted felons. You’re just a moron.

Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 9:19 PM
Subject: Re: Somewhat Amusing FBI Visit

Okay. I realize this kind of Deep State work is apparently okay with you. Flynn and Stone wasn’t enough.

Michael Averko –

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