On Lyme disease and US biowarfare: MCM and Kris Newby (author of “Bitten”) interviewed by Peter B. Collins

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Is it okay to “fix” the gender of young children? You better believe it, if you know what’s good for you (however bad it is for them)

What Lopez said was not inaccurate or hateful. The use of gender-fixing interventions—drugs andother therapies—on pre-pubescent children is grotesque; and, when this madness is behind us, it will be universally recognized as an exquisitely horrendous form of child abuse, however many "experts" are now pushing it on parents in the US and beyond. 

He shouldn't have apologized; but he was facing unemployment over his "transphobic comments,"although they weren't transphobic in the least:


“The executioner’s face is always well-hidden”—now by a post-modern mask of “diversity”


A sort-of-useful survey on the voting systems in (just) 14 states

This fragmentary survey of the US voting system should be used with care, since the information it contains, though valid in itself (which is why I'm sharing it), is offset bytwo whopping lies:

1) The piece notes "Russia's election interference in 2016," and warns that"Russia will be back," as if those "facts" weren't fantasy—a propaganda fictionhighly dangerous to (what's left of) US democracy. 

The danger lies not only in the possibility of war with Russia, whose "election interference" has been deemed a casus belli by the US war machine, and grounds for a first-strike nuclear attack. Beyond that catastrophic possibility, there also isa certain mortal danger to US democracy (such as it is)—and by "certain," I mean happening right now—in the use of that explosive myth of "Russian meddling" to obscure the epic record of election interference by the GOP. (While election theft in the US has also been committed by the Democrats, they tend to specialize in vote suppression, while computerized election fraud is a Republican speciality,since they dominate the electronic voting infrastructure coast to cast.)

That parenthetical aside relates to the second Big Lie tacitly propagatedby this piece:

2) While paperless voting (or "voting") is indeed horrendous, and shouldbe banned from coast to coast on civic grounds, as this piece suggests, to replace (or "replace") that insecure machinery with paper ballots to becounted (or "counted") electronically is, to put it mildly, no improvement,since the op-scans used to count those ballots can be hacked with ease,in minutes, without leaving any fingerprints—and have been, time andtime again. One could even argue that an electronic counting of the vote—the paper vote—in every state would actually be worse than what's in place right now, since it would create a false sense of security (the"Russian threat" aside).

But we have to start somewhere; and since those paperless machinesare egregious, and we should know which states still use them, thispiece is useful, despite those two huge flaws.



How JFK’s murder turned the USA into “a doll’s house” (MUST-READ interview with Jim Garrison, for a European readership)

If you read anything today, read this—a shattering analysis that should be taught in every high school and college in the country.



Endangered orca whales are dying off in waters likely touched by Fukushima

The first piece below, from late March last year, reminds us—or those few who may have happened on it—that the Fukushima plant was—is—still spewing radioactive water into the Pacific by the tons of gallons.

The second piece, from yesterday, reports what would appear to be one aspect of the toll of that vast, ongoing disaster on the marine life along Canada's Pacific coast—and that, of course, means our West Coast.

Meanwhile, Americans keep eating seafood from those waters, the state—i.e., "our" government-and-press—having blacked out the catastrophe completely, while shrieking endlessly about the threatof "climate change" to the exclusion of all other grave environmental threats, especially Fukushima.


From Douglas Yates:

It is recognized by experts that Fukushima is the world’s largest nuclear catastrophe. At the request of TPTB, leakage to the Pacific Ocean is suppressed by mainstream media. However, searches still locate stories that affirm the ongoing pollution.

Seven years on, radioactive water at Fukushima plant still flowing into ocean, study finds

Considering who they are, and how they got so rich, these billionaires’ big plan “to shrink world’s population” CAN’T be altruistic

This is from ten years ago. How many millions have been killed off, and/or covertly sterilized, since then?