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I saw this the other day, but it was on one of the Bernie FB sites just now, and I thought it might be a good idea to hold onto it.

Apparently, someone at the news station in Indiana already knows the exact outcome of the race.  It was taken down quickly, when someone pointed it out.


New York Voters Sue the State, Claiming Mass Voter Roll Purges

by Nathan Tempey

Dozens of New York voters are suing the state, saying that their voter registration changed without their input, costing them the ability to vote in Tuesday’s primary. The lawsuit, filed this afternoon in Long Island federal court by the group Election Justice USA, argues that the voters’ alleged registration changes deny them equal protection under the constitution, and demands a blanket order allowing “tens of thousands” of potential plaintiffs to vote in tomorrow’spresidential primary.

“Plaintiffs are in imminent harm of losing their right to vote,” the suit reads. “They have beseeched the various Boards of Elections without result. Nothing can save their right to vote save an order from this Court.”

New York’s primaries are closed, meaning only members of a given party can vote in that party’s primary, and the deadline to change parties is more than six months before Primary Day, the earliest in the country. Those who signed onto the lawsuit say that their paperwork was in order, and in many cases they had voted repeatedly in Democratic primaries from the same address, but that recent checks of their voter registrations revealed that their party had been changed or could not be found at all. The accounts echo online reports of other spurned would-be voters.

“We were seeing an alarming number of voter affiliations changed without people’s knowledge or consent, people who were registered listed as not registered,” said Shyla Nelson, a spokeswoman for Election Justice USA.

As the primary neared and the group solicited accounts of irregularities, reports poured in, she said: “What started as a trickle is now a river.”

More than 200 voters signed onto the lawsuit, Nelson said on Friday (she was still tallying late additions this afternoon as lawyers pushed up against the close-of-court deadline).

One plaintiff, a 24-year-old from Suffolk County, says that he registered as a Democrat in 2009, and that a change of affiliation form the BOE showed him, supposedly proving he left the party, bears a signature that is an “identical, pixel-by-pixel” copy of the signature on his driver’s license. Another plaintiff, a 58-year-old from upstate Onondaga County, had been registered as a Democrat since 1989, but on April 11th found that her registration was “purged.” An employee of the county told her that the change was a clerical error, but that she would not be able to vote on Tuesday, according to the suit. Others named in the lawsuit registered for the first time within days of the new voter deadline in March, or the party-change deadline last October.

Nelson, a Vermont performance artist, described Election Justice as nonpartisan, though she and several other core members identified on its website are vocal supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Most of the complaintswe’ve seen publicized online center around spurned voters seeking to cast a ballot for Sanders in tomorrow’sDemocratic primary. In recent days, the state Board of Elections has chalked up concerns such as these to voter ignorance of New York’s restrictive rules, and of the occasional data entry error.

Election Justice USA formed recently after Republican officials in Arizona’s Maricopa County drastically reduced the number of polling places for the state’s March primary, leading to lines as much as five hours long, with the worst impacts in majority-Latino districts.

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New York’s Primary Isn’t Going Smoothly So Far


NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Less than halfway though primary election day in New York, a main voter protection hotline has already received “hundreds” of phone calls from people with complaints, issues, and questions about their voter registrations and polling sites.

New Yorkers have been turned away due to problems with their voter registrations; polling sites have been closed; and equipment has been malfunctioning at sites across New York, according to Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Clarke’s organization runs the Election Protection hotline, which seeks to help voters work through challenges they experience at the polls.

“The traffic to our polling hotlines has been pretty significant,” Clarke told ThinkProgress on Tuesday afternoon. “We’re seeing a high volume of calls, which suggests this is not an election that is problem-free.”

The most frequent complaints received so far have been from voters who are confused about the New York’s closed primary rules, Clarke said. In New York, only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary and only Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. Registered New York voters who wanted to switch parties had to do so by October 9, 2015 — more than six months ago — and many people didn’t realize they had to do it so early. New York has the earliest change-of-party deadline in the country.

We’re seeing a high volume of calls, which suggests this is not an election that is problem-free.

The result was that many New Yorkers showed up at their polls sites thinking they could vote, only to be turned away, Clarke said. One of those voters was Bayville resident Kali Ventresca, who changed her party affiliation from independent to Democrat on March 20, five days before New York’s registration deadline for new voters. Ventresca told ThinkProgress she didn’t realize the deadline for existing voters was different than the deadline for new voters. She fully expected to be able to cast a ballot.

“I’m pissed,” she said.

Other voters, however, insisted they did everything correctly with their voter registrations, and were still turned away because their names were not on the voter rolls.

“There are certainly some people who believe they did everything right, they registered well in advance, they registered and indicated their party preference, and expected to be able to vote in their party primary and their names are not on the rolls,” Clarke said.

In addition, voters in Brooklyn have reported that their polling sites were closed. Clarke said that one site at 195 Graham Ave was closed “due to technical difficulties.” Poll workers there reportedly “directed voters to another alternative site, and told voters they should go there and cast affidavit ballots,” Clarke said.

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A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

Support for coup regimes, militarization and privatization, trade deals that wreak economic havoc—they reveal the failure of Clintonism.

by Greg Grandin

There’s been too little discussion of Latin American through the Democratic primary, including at last night’s debate, which didn’t touch on it. One candidate, Bernie Sanders, doesn’t have much of a track record to examine, although his broad rejection of neoliberalism and interventionism bode well for turning a page on US policy in the region. The other, Hillary Clinton, has accumulated a deep record, both before and during her tenure as secretary of state, which is worth examining in depth. So, in the interest of helping New Yorkers decide as they head to the polls on Tuesday, here’s a brief guide:

Honduras: By now, Clinton’s involvement in helping to institutionalize the 2009 coup against a reforming president who had the support of all of the country’s most courageous and bravest people—land reformers, gay activists, unionists, feminists, environmentalists, and so on—is well known. “Women’s rights are human rights,” Clinton famously declared. But in Honduras, she worked to legitimize the overthrow of a government that was trying to make the morning-after pill available and advance the rights of members of the LGBT community. In so doing, Clintonhelped install a regime that has been killing women and men at an impressive clip. Death squads have returned to the country.

Just last week, in her interview with the New York Daily News, Clinton revised her story regarding her actions in Honduras yet again (after having cut the most damning paragraphs from her book Hard Choices). Then she said, “We need to do more of a Colombian Plan for Central America.”

Colombia: The idea that Hillary Clinton wants to do to Central America what her husband did to Colombia is troubling.

Here’s what Plan Colombia did to that country: In 2000, just before leaving the White House, Bill Clinton ratcheted up military aid. Plan Colombia, as the assistance program was called, provided billions of dollars to what was the most repressive government in the hemisphere. The effect was to speed the paramilitarization of society, with government—and military—allied death squads penetrating the intelligence services, judiciary, municipal government, legislature, and executive branch. Washington money effectively subsidized the narco-right’s enormous land grab. According to the US government’s own figures, “in rural areas, less than 1% of the population owns more than half Colombia’s best land.” “Torture, massacres, ‘disappearances,’ and killing of non-combatants” became routinized, with trade unionists, peasants, and Afro-Colombians the main victims. The CIA’s own World Factbook says that a staggering 6.3 million Colombians have been internally displaced (IDP) since 1985, with “about 300,000 new IDPs each year since 2000″—that is, the year Bill Clinton enacted Plan Colombia. Added up, that’s 2.4 million people during Clinton’s eight-year presidency.

After Plan Colombia came the Colombian Free Trade Agreement. Hillary Clinton opposed the treaty when she was running against Barack Obama in 2008, but then supported it as secretary of state. Yet, even as she campaigned against it, Bill Clinton was paid $800,000 by the Colombia-based Gold Service International to give four speeches in Latin America, where he advocated for the agreement. Mark Penn, Hillary’s chief adviser in her 2008 campaign, was likewise meeting with Colombian officials to tell them not to worry, that were Clinton to become president, she’d reverse her opposition. When asked about such conflicts, Clinton laughed, and laughed. “Oh my,” she said, before asking the reporter, “How many angels dance on the head of a pin?” Thus concerns about corruption are as quaint as medieval Catholic scholasticism. If those angels were made up of Colombian trade unionists executed between when the trade treaty went into effect and early 2015, the answer is 105—along with many hundreds more Afro-Colombian, peasant, and environmental activists.

In the Brooklyn debate, Bernie Sanders didn’t give a specific answer when asked for an example of when Clinton changed her policy as a result of financial contributions. Let’s then go to David Sirota, Andrew Perez, and Matthew Cunningham-Cook, writing about the fossil-fuel interests behind Clinton and Colombian free trade:

At the same time that Clinton’s State Department was lauding Colombia’s human rights record [despite having evidence to the contrary], her family was forging a financial relationship with Pacific Rubiales, thesprawling Canadian petroleum company at the center of Colombia’s labor strife. The Clintons were also developing commercial ties with the oil giant’s founder, Canadian financier Frank Giustra, who now occupies a seat on the boardof the Clinton Foundation, the family’s global philanthropic empire.

The details of these financial dealings remain murky, but this much is clear: After millions of dollars were pledged by the oil company to the Clinton Foundation—supplemented by millions more from Giustra himself—Secretary Clinton abruptly changed her position on the controversial U.S.-Colombia trade pact.

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Check this out—but don’t believe it:

Don’t believe it, because it’s doubly false:

1) That “Huffington Post” is not the Huffington Post, but a fake HuffPo that popped up just today (according to the people at the real HuffPo).

2) The “story” there cannot be true, because—as Brad Friedman has reported—New York doesn’t use e-voting machines, which means no New York voter could see his/her vote flipped either way. (New York uses optical scanners, which have their own problems, mostly imperceptible.)

So why would anyone contrive a fake Huffington Post, to spread the lie that Bernie votes are getting flipped to

Hillary? Probably to get that lie repeated all throughout the blogosphere and social media, so that it can shortly be “exposed” as false, in order to dismiss all claims of vote suppression and election fraud in Hillary Clinton’s favor as “conspiracy theory.”

It’s a great example of what the experts call “black propaganda.”

Brad Friedman tells us that he instantly saw through today’s fake story “because pretty much the EXACT SAME story, same language, was circulated two weeks ago during the Wisconsin primary. That story also had no links to any actual info, and said ‘Stay tuned here for more’ at the end. “Wisconsin, at least, had some places that used touch-screens. But after looking into it, and seeing it posted to a lot of Bernie-supporting sites, I realized that it was fake. Just like this one.”

New Yorkers: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has set up a hotline for voters to report problems at the polls. The number is(800) 771-7755 FREE. New York’s U.S. attorney’s offices will also be taking complaints at (718) 254-6323 (for Brooklyn, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, and Suffolk counties) and (212) 637-0840 (for New York, Bronx, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, and Westchester counties). The FBI is also fielding reports of election law violations at (212) 384-1000. — Please circulate this info widely to anyone living in New York.
ADDED NUMBER: Bernie wants you to call 347-379-4298 to report any issues. That’s Bernie’s Voter Protection Hotline
and/or e-mail

New York City primary voters outraged by broken machines, closed polling places


New York primary voting at some Brooklyn and Queens polling places was a disaster Tuesday morning — with early morning voters arriving to broken machines and belated polling.

Queens resident George Mack said he came to P.S. 52 in Springfield Gardens to vote right at 6 a.m. He, and about 50 other early voters, learned all three machines on site were broken. Volunteers at the school told voters to place their ballots in a slot, and they would all get processed later.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” said Mack, 55, who voted for Hillary Clinton.

“Somebody at the end of the day is gonna feed (the ballots) through a machine? I don’t have confidence in that.”

Meanwhile, voters at the Cooper Park Houses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, couldn’t even get close to a machine. More than two hours after polls were supposed to open at 6 a.m., that site was still closed.

“Cooper Park Houses polling site not open yet,” voter Rebecca Keith tweeted.

Executive Director of the Board of Elections Michael Ryan outside Atlantic Terminal. He called the poll problems “absolutely unacceptable.”

“Good morning disenfranchisement.”

A similar snafu happened at the Atlantic Terminal site in Brooklyn, which didn’t open until after7:30.

“They told me the key to the building had not arrived yet,” voter Tara McCauley told The News.

“I came back at 7:30 and they had just gotten the key. Upon entering, there were no voting machines.”

A Board of Elections representative arrived around 8, she said, and told voters he had been busy tending to problems at other polls. Voting finally started at Atlantic Terminal around 8:30.

“I am sure there are many people who tried to vote and had to leave who will not be able to come back,” she said.

The ballot box blusters extended outside the five boroughs, too.

William Charpied, of Hempstead, said the first half hour of voting at Hewlett Elementary School was lost because the poll’s chairman hadn’t arrived, and no one else could unlock machines.

“I felt disenfranchised and dumbfounded,” Charpied said.

“It is difficult to understand how volunteers could be present while the single most important individual, the chairperson, was missing.”

New York City Board of Election Executive Director Michael Ryan called the mass voting mishaps “absolutely unacceptable.”

“You know it’s a big city,” Ryan told The News outside Atlantic Terminal.

“I’m not making an excuse for that, I’m just pointing out that like everything else in New York City it’s a very large process.”

He vowed he would “get to the bottom” of the polling problems.

Polls for New York’s closed primary close at 9 p.m.

More than 200 New York voters have joined a lawsuit claiming they were unfairly shut out of the primary after their party affiliation was changed without their consent.

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