The APA that okayed torture by the USA now warning against “toxic masculinity”

On the APA's complicity with military torture:

Was it "toxic masculinity" that drove the torture programs of the CIA and US military? If so, was (say) Gina Haspel, asoverseer of that CIA "black site" in Iraq, acting as a toxically-masculine man? Or are such female torturers impelled by "toxic femininity"? Or is the whole premise here ridiculous (at best)?

Warning! Masculinity Is Hazardous to Men’s Health, Says American Psychological Association


Warning! Masculinity Is Hazardous to Men’s Health, Says American Psychological Association

Remember those age-old male traits from a more chivalric, less neurotic epoch, like ruggedness, stoicism, individualism and masculinity? Well, you can chuck them into the dumpster outside your local gender studies classroom because they have just been branded harmful to your health.

Although ‘masculinity’ once upon a time helped ‘privileged males’ tame the American wilderness, build cities and exhibit courage in battle – among other dirty tasks that required no small amount of brute strength and even aggressiveness – the medical community would now have us believe there is something inherently wrong with masculinity.

In the American Psychological Association’s ‘Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men’, traditional notions of masculinity are described as undesirable for a host of reasons, but perhaps most disturbingly because “boys and men who identify as gay, bisexual or transgender still face higher-than-­average levels of hostility and pressure to conform to masculine norms.” In other words, the so-called ‘toxic masculinity’ that has helped men and civilization progress over the centuries has been written off as “harmful” because some males – either by choice or otherwise – feel threatened by it.

Pseudo-science pounces right out of the gates of the study as we are introduced to yet another parallel reality known as the “masculinities.” No longer does the singular adjective ‘masculine’ suffice these days of multiple genders and diverse lifestyles because apparently that would offend a minority subculture of those males whose notions of masculinity do not flush with those of the majority.

In the opening paragraph we are informed that “It is common to use the term ‘masculinities’ rather than ‘masculinity’ to acknowledge the various conceptions of masculine gender roles associated with an intersection of multiple identities.” The medical community’s habit of tossing about scientifically unproven claims of “multiple identities” brings to mind Ken Kesey’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ where the medical staff, the ones with the real issues, pushes pure quackery on a trapped patient population.

The guideline continues with something of a caveat: “When trying to understand the complex role of masculinity in the lives of diverse boys and men, it is critical to acknowledge that gender is a non-binary construct [in other words, comprised of more than just males and females] that is distinct from, although interrelated to, sexual orientation.” 

Here, the authors insist (“critical to acknowledge”) that society as a whole must cater to the whims of that tiny segment of the population that believes it may not only choose the gender they identify with as if they were shopping in a Fifth Avenue boutique, but that the rest of society must use the ‘correct pronouns’ when addressing them. Yet, the overwhelming majority of males who are comfortable with their biologically assigned sex and gender, as well as their masculinity, are now being told something is inherently wrong with them. This is openly admitted.

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Assaulted at Whole Foods (twice!), and suing over it.

From my friend Tessa Lena:

Dear people,

I am going to be brief. There are several things that happened since my last email, but the most recent one is that I am suing Whole Foods for being assaulted by their security guard. What happened is outrageous. She actually attacked me not once but twice! When I was assaulted in 2017, I let it go. But when I was assaulted again, by the same security guard, at the same store… enough is enough. I don’t think we should allow brands to treat their customers like it’s a war zone, and we are their enemy. The story broke yesterday through New York Daily News (in print today), and I ask you that if you can, please retweet my note here and forward along. Thank you!! 

The tweet has a link to the New York Daily News article and the video inside it. Of course, the photo in the article was taken as I was braving a cold and squinting from the wind blowing in my face… but I will have to live with it.

Thank you for your love and support. 


What we call “pop culture” is now OPENLY recruiting We the People into a Satanic cult.

Yes, Rosemary, "this is really happening," and it's obviously wrong (which is, of course, the point). 


From John Kirby:

This is a good video essay that makes an excellent case for 2018 being the most nakedly occult (oxymoronically) year in postmodern American history.

Does Society Realize It Is Being Initiated?

Alexandra Bruce

TruthStreamMedia has just released this excellent documentary about how the proliferation of Occult imagery and themes in Western Pop culture constitutes a full-saturation, Satanic psychological operation, as part of an assymetrical, “death by a thousand cuts” tactic, in the war for your soul by a powerful elite whose evil and desire for total control knows no bounds.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk—or drive at all—in Canada

Imagine if the cops themselves were drunk.


From Douglas Yates:

Police in Canada were recently empowered with new marching orders: Probable cause no longer applies to operators of motor vehicles. Experts say the new law is unconstitutional on several fronts. However, for the time being, police are enforced to stop and collect DNA of drivers and suspected drivers as they choose. Those who fail to comply will be arrested.

The new law is likely to impact Americans who drive the AlCan highway. As you are aware, many Alaskans drive in and out of Alaska annually, perhaps more often. In order to avoid arrest, those stopped will have provide DNA for roadside tests.

Alaskans and your wider audience will be served with a report of the change. Do targeted drivers have any options other than arrest? Is the DNA info saved to a database? How much does a blood test cost at a Canadian hospital? Your contacts in Dawson Creek, B.C., and other points along the way, may be eager to speak to a reporter about the new law.

Thanks for your time,

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Screening our kids to death (between the ears)

From Time, believe it or not. Although not new, it's not dated in the least.


Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax

By DR. NICHOLAS KARDARAS August 31, 2016

Dr. Kardaras is the author of the new book Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids—and How to Break the Trance.

As the dog days of summer wane, most parents are preparing to send their kids back to school. In years past, this has meant buying notebooks and pencils, perhaps even a new backpack. But over the past decade or so, the back-to-school checklist has for many also included an array of screen devices that many parents dutifully stuff into their children’s bag.

The screen revolution has seen pedagogy undergo a seismic shift as technology now dominates the educational landscape. In almost every classroom in America today, you will find some type of screen—smartboards, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones. From inner-city schools to those in rural and remote towns, we have accepted tech in the classroom as a necessary and beneficial evolution in education.

This is a lie.

Tech in the classroom not only leads to worse educational outcomes for kids, which I will explain shortly, it can also clinically hurt them. I’ve worked with over a thousand teens in the past 15 years and have observed that students who have been raised on a high-tech diet not only appear to struggle more with attention and focus, but also seem to suffer from an adolescent malaise that appears to be a direct byproduct of their digital immersion. Indeed, over two hundred peer-reviewed studies point to screen time correlating to increased ADHDscreen addictionincreased aggressiondepressionanxiety and even psychosis.

But if that’s true, why would we have allowed these “educational” Trojan horses to slip into our schools? Follow the money.

Georgia plans a giant step BACKWARD, as a way to block MORE votes…

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          

Telephone:  (404) 664-4044

January 14, 2019                                                                     

Contact: Garland Favorito   

 SAFE Commission to Recommend Unsafe Voting Systems

ATLANTA, GA – The final report expected this week from Brian Kemp’s Secure, Accurate and Fair Elections (SAFE) commission will recommend voting systems that experts deem unsafe. The report will recommend electronic ballot markers over hand marked paper ballots including ballot markers that embed hidden unverifiable votes in digital bar codes for tabulation. Such systems were strongly discouraged as security risks by computer scientists, Election Integrity advocates, public speakers at all commission meetings and even the commission’s own cyber security expert.

On the eve of what would turn out to be its last meeting, SAFE commission members received a draft of recommendations for the commission to make from Secretary of State (SOS) legal counsel Ryan Germany. The draft conflicted with positions of the commission’s cyber security expert Dr. Wenke Lee, letters from dozens of computer scientists, recommendations from Verified Voting and VoterGA as well as nearly all members of the general public who spoke during public comment periods.

VoterGA obtained a copy of the draft and found it contained recommendationsnever expressed by any commission member at any meeting. The report recommended that the recount trigger percentage be lowered from a 1% margin of victory to .5% but no member ever expressed that as a need.  Likewise, the report stated that all forms of tabulation should be considered despite overwhelming expert and public testimony against unverifiable systems that tabulate hidden votes embedded in bar codes.

At the January 10thmeeting, the room was packed with media, election officials and members of the public who were dismayed at how the draft was ramrodded through the commission over many objections from Lee, Sen. Lester Jackson, Rep. James Beverly and Libertarian John Monds. Sen Jackson expressed concern the report was produced by SOS office, not by commission members. Beverly and Monds made several attempts to ensure thenew voting system must tabulate human readable marks. Dr. Lee raised a variety of cyber security concerns that were rebuffed over a period of several hours.

In 2017, Germany authored another SOS report that claimed the destruction of elections data was “standard procedure” after Brian Kemp publicly chastised it as “inexcusable conduct”. A VoterGa audit found Germany did not follow standard SOS investigation procedures andfailed to investigate why no backup existed, why SOS data retention policies were violated, and who may have hacked into the data before it was destroyed.