News from Underground could really use your help

Friends, I hope you can afford to help me out with News from Underground, by sending a donation (if you can afford it), as you may do at 

I’m making this request because I find I owe a lot in taxes; I thought that my (huge) medical expenses would offset the damage, but they haven’t. (Of course, I’m not complaining, since, after all, somebody has to foot the bill for everything “our” government is doing for us, our children’s health and, not least, “democracy” throughout the world.)

 At my website, the “donate” feature will enable you to help me via PayPal (or, if you’re allergic to the latter, you may email me for my terrestrial address). And if you’re already helping me, via Substack or the list-serve, you have my sincere thanks. 

Thank you all, in any case, for reading/watching/sharing what I send around. 


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