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Update for Subscribers

Hey everyone,

First off, I’d really like to thank you all for supporting my work at Unlimited Hangout and my upcoming book on the Epstein scandal and the use of sexual blackmail by intelligence. None of what I have produced in the past year and a half would have been possible without your generous support.

As a subscriber, I wanted to make you all aware that, for reasons that were both unexpected and unfortunate, I had to return to Chile from the UK for an indefinite period. I really prefer not to go into specifics, as it’s a very sad and distressing situation for me and my family and something provoked by factors out of our control. I also have very mixed feelings about being back in Chile, given the government’s totalitarian “response” to the COVID situation. I arrived last Friday and, along with my 3 year old, am in the midst of a mandatory 10 day quarantine period near the Chilean capital. I will have to conclude this period before I can travel southward to where I’ve spent most of the last decade of my life. The “health authorities” here can choose to extend that period at their whim, so please send good vibes or prayers for our speedy exit. I may be here in Chile from anywhere from a few months to years, something which obviously depends on the international travel situation and the extent to which the unvaccinated will be barred from international travel and how quickly.

As of now, the book remains on track to be released early next year and I still plan to be producing regular podcast episodes and the occasional video interview apart from the podcast. However, due to other demands, including the book, my second, international relocation in less than a year as well as what continues to be a tricky pregnancy, I will have to focus most of my time on wrapping up the book and thus will not be producing very much written content between now and the end of the year. I will also be appearing less frequently other podcasts, video channels, etc. in order to ensure that I am meeting my own content goals during this period.

I have done my best to juggle all the craziness thus far, but I am a regular person with regular limits, so this is what I can commit to content-wise through December. I am hoping to add some new contributors to Unlimited Hangout who can help produce regular, quality content for the site, as existing contributors are mostly tied up with content for their own sites and/or their own challenges.

This is essentially the situation at present and I was eager to let subscribers know the state of things at Unlimited Hangout. Again, I want to extend my deepest thanks to you all for supporting this project and my upcoming book, especially in such economically uncertain times.

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