MCM’s libel lawsuit, complete (thus far)

MCM’s original and amended complaints:

MCM’s colleagues’ motion to dismiss complaint, including exhibits:

MCM’s opposition to colleagues’ motion to dismiss complaint, including affidavit:

MCM’s colleagues’ reply in further support of motion to dismiss complaint:

How to help MCM sue for libel (and for academic freedom and free speech)

This link will take you to the GoFundMe page:

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Dear Sir,
I am in disbelief of what just happened to you. Totalitarism is at our doors, we thought we had seen it all in Europe in the 1930th, unfortunately here we are again… worldwide.
What you are teaching these kids is what makes us human responsible and what takes us out of our sheepish condition. We need more of your kind: thank you! (Please excuse my mistakes)
Paris, France

I have just contributed to your Go Fund Me. If we don’t fight this insanity, we will all go down. I urge everyone to write any company, organization, or politician to express your disapproval of what is being done to innocent people by the cancel culture mob.

If we all wrote just one letter each week, or even just one, we can push this back. Look at Coke’s back peddling. I subscribe to reclaim the net and every day hear about the abuse of corporations, governments, and especially big tech that have destroyed reputations, livelihoods, and truth telling with censorship and cancel culture.

Way to go
Never forget

Jesus Christ was crucified just for spreading love
Thus, he antagonized
The, religious sects ( dens of vipers) and antagonized ,the, Roman establishment.

Welcome to the club
Of and the, truth shall set you free vs the dumbass who think they are the fittest.

I admire you
Stand your ground
Like a lion
In the desert

Dr Nick Kollerstrom experienced a similar situation 20 years ago. His crime, was to produce a scientific chemistry report. Because they could not dispute his work, they persecuted him.

I hope people appreciate the importance of your battle. If truth is not to be tolerated in places of learning, then there is no longer learning.

Society is in big trouble when those speaking truth become a problem. Truth cannot be defeated with debate, so kill the debate. One step away from kill the person which Communism prefers.

I just listened to your interview with Basil Valentine on 21st Century Wire. What an amazing discussion!

Standing with you. Complete absurdity and should be eye opening to all to realize we are no longer allowed to teach students to critically think. For this, I homeschool!

It is not surprising to me that you find yourself under fire regarding Covid. You are “spot on” with your analysis. I am a registered nurse for over 30+ years and have worked the last 15 years taking care of our healthcare workforce. Subsequently, you can imagine, I have seen this Covid event unfold directly from the front lines. I have never seen healthcare professionals so blanketly blind in their stance on any healthcare crisis as I have witnessed with Covid. There is NO ROOM for questioning the “directives” coming from the CDC (or other “reputable” sources)  – if they said it, it must be true, even if it contradicts what we previously knew. The statistical information the CDC has put out on their website is never / rarely heard on any news media sites and is in direct contradiction at times to what we are hearing. Question the appropriateness of mandates? No. That is not allowed, even if we are seeing negative consequences from practice of those directives. It has been so hard to watch extremely intelligent people “fall in line” without ever questioning the science, the practice directives, or the narrative. The healthcare environment is also becoming an increasingly uncomfortable place to speak out – it intimidates professionals from even questioning anything if it is not the expected narrative. I anticipate this pressure will only increase and those that do see what is going on, are constrained because many are tied to the money, or do not want to be chastised for thinking differently. How could healthcare be wrong? I think I would have enjoyed your class.

Professor Miller,

Just read about your story on the Web. Wow, how frightening!! You are very courageous to be standing up for what you believe in. I’m glad that you refuse to be silenced. This all reminds me of a saying that I’m quite fond of: “If you’re not on someone’s sh**list, then you’re not doing anything worthwhile.” It’s obvious that your determination to speak the truth is greatly disturbing to the powers that want to control us, and kudos to you for all you’re doing. And please remember that you’re not alone—so many of us out here are rooting for you! 🙂 Keep up the great work.

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