“Americans are so f*cking dumb”: PBS top lawyer wants government to build “enlightenment camps” for children seized from Trump supporters’ home

It will be great for them, he says, as they’ll watch PBS all day, getting its “real news,” and hours and hours of “Sesame Street.”

Otherwise they’ll grow up to be “horrible people,” who believe the “lies” about Joe Biden, and COVID—which, he gleefully observes, is spiking in “red states,” so that fewer of those morons will be able to go out to vote (the video was shot before Election Day), and many will get sick and die. 

And yet it’s Trump who’s “close to Hitler,” according to this well-paid, highly educated lawyer for a major media outlet (whose mission is to serve the pubic). 

This video was shot by Project Veritas, a frankly conservative outfit. If someone can show that Beller’s riff was somehow fabricated, I’ll share that information right away.

Scroll down to the video: 

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