Questions about that GoFundMe page for Patricia Chandler

From Michael Green:


I am not skeptical, just curious.  Rebecca Moore is not the injured party, her cousin Patricia Chandler of Austin, TX is.  Perhaps Patricia Chandler is a UK woman living in Austin.  Patricia also needs a spinal surgery unrelated to the C-vax.  My understanding is that participants in the C-vax studies are given medical care for any and all injuries incurred from the vaccine—that was an essential part of the deal—so I do not understand why Patricia is using her personal insurance and having trouble meeting her co-payments. Pfizer generally covers the cost of protocol-required treatments and procedures. Pfizer covers the cost for medical treatment for any injury or illness that occurs as a direct result of taking part in a Pfizer-sponsored study at no cost to the research subject.

You will note that everyone else injured in any of the vaccine studies was given medical treatment and paying for it was never an issue.  This could be someone not telling the full story, or it could be someone using the fact that there are C-vax studies to solicit support for unrelated medical expenses.


Yesterday by Patricia Chandler, Beneficiary

There have been a lot of questions from y’all! 
Here are some key points of what’s happening:
-This is for Patricia Chandler of Austin, Texas, who is out of work due to a reaction to an injection. It was incurred in a clinical trial for Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine.

British woman’s feet destroyed by “severe adverse reaction” in C-vax trial. (NOT FOR THE QUEASY) by Mark Crispin Miller (21 Nov 2020 11:55 EST)
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More urgent news that we’re not getting from the New York Times et al.

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From: G. F.

A participant in a Coronavirus vaccine trial is likely suffering from severe genetic damage. As a result, within weeks of being the guinea pig, her feet are falling apart. It is important to note that in order to take part in any medical trial, you have to have perfect health. No diabetes, absolutely nothing wrong with you. 

This is what happened to a UK woman who took part in testing the corona vax I have repeatedly posted on this site – the one where they are requisitioning an AI to handle all the people who get wrecked by it.

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