New outbreak of COVID-19 (if that’s what it really is) in China

Does this herald the onset of that dreaded “second wave,” replaying the Chinese drama that began this global horror in January? Or is it just an inconvenient flare-up of COVID-19, which China’s draconian lockdown was supposed to have annihilated? 

It makes a big difference, as we’re now being nudged back into lockdown, as “cases” “surge” alarmingly. If China’s lockdown did NOT “crush the curve,” it means that lockdown doesn’t work, so the leadership of Canada, Australia, the UK and New York City have no more grounds for locking down again than they had for doing it in the first place.

On the other hand, it could be that this new outbreak in China will, insanely, be exploited to justify MORE lockdowns, there and everywhere—a move already “justified” by all those “cases” on the rise all over (except Sweden and Nicaragua). This would be a replay of what happened at the start, when China played a key role in ramping up the global terror, with scary images of people keeling over in the streets, “stricken by COVID-19.” (Similar images popped up in British outlets, suggesting global orchestration.) 

In any case, they’re locking down all over, never mind the sketchy rationale, the horrendous consequences, or people’s growing opposition to it.

Here’s the South China Morning Post, on the outbreak in Qingdao:

And here is a look back at China’s propaganda drive to cast its iron handling of “the virus” as the ONLY way to go (a drive joined by the WHO):

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