What do we believe about those hospitals? What “our free press” is telling us, or our own eyes?

Let me preface this email by saying that I do believe that COVID-19, whatever that may be, is really killing people, as I’ve lost one friend to it, and nearly lost another one who managed to pull through, and is now back home (here in my building). Moreover, my wife, a therapist, has several clients who’ve lost loved ones to this illness; and a colleague at NYU, who lives in Brooklyn, has lost several neighbors to it.

So I am certainly not one who thinks the deaths here in New York, the epicenter of the national crisis, are all a fiction, because I know from my own personal experience, and the personal experience of others close to me, that people are succumbing to whatever COVID-19 is.

And yet I also know from my own personal experience, and that of many others who have documented what they’ve seen with their own eyes, that the many harrowing press “reports” of hospitals overwhelmed by desperate people seeking COVID-19 tests and treatment, of makeshift morgues filled up with corpses, and so on, are fiction—or, to put it bluntly, and more accurately, variants of the
same Big Lie.

Take Elmhurst Hospital. First, do a Google search on “New York Times Elmhurst Hospital COVID-19,” and you will find over a dozen links to pieces on the “apocalyptic” scene there, and/or that are illustrated with searing photos of the terrifying traffic.

Then watch this video, which includes some startling footage of what
regular New Yorkers—rather than professional reporters on the job—
discovered when they visited that hospital themselves; and there are
several other on-the-ground reports by intrepid citizens on similarly
still and empty hospitals all over the US:

YouTube has reportedly started taking down these videos, so watch this one ASAP. There’s also this hashtag on Twitter:

While the amateur investigators featured in that compilation video aren’t medical professionals, below you’ll find a similar account from one who is, about Seattle’s main ER. This email comes from my friend Darwin Hoop, who also sent me his friend’s photos, which I’m not sending as attachments here because they tend to complicate transmission via Googlegroups.

What all this startling evidence suggests is that “our free press” has been pumping out a lot of terroristic propaganda, no doubt to soften up their audience for a drastic program of universal mandatory vaccination, among other changes that will prove a lot more lethal than COVID-19.


From Darwin Hoop:
A former colleague and long-time friend with whom I spent a lot of time in Seattle’s only level one ER sent me some interesting pictures today. As seems to be happening all over New York and Washington, people are slowly building up the courage to see if anything is going on down at their local hospitals. Without fail, they are finding NOTHING. Nobody is getting tested. Nobody is getting triaged. Parking lots are nearly empty. Those who are bold enough to approach the ER entrances with their phones in hand are charged and ordered to put their phones away. They are told they are violating federal HIPAA laws

This is what happened to my friend today in Seattle. An angry person in disposable infection control garb ran across the street with her hand out to block his lens. She wore no mask and did not hesitate to try to touch him. He had to put his foot out to keep her from accosting him
and order her to “GIVE ME SIX FEET! GIVE ME SIX FEET!” She was apoplectic and he filmed the incident. Given she was not masked and thought nothing of accosting a stranger, the transmission of deadly pathogens seems not to have been a concern for her. It was clear
to my friend that her only job was to chase citizens armed with cameras. This is the major public hospital in Seattle, THE place to go with any emergency and no one came close to entering the ER who was not obviously an employee. He works across the street and reports
the place is “dead” and “eerily quiet.” We would see serious accidents and gunshot patients all day and night every day and night.

Living in Seattle and working in public health, he gets daily reports from various state agencies that tell him the hospitals are at capacity, the staff overworked and breaking under the pressure.
Yet, after a month of this BS, he has heard of no actual patients—though the head of his program “tested positive” and is “working from home.” None of his colleagues—and they deal with the very
businesses that are supposed to be loaded with dying elderly—have firsthand knowledge of a single actual COVID-19 patient. Today was supposed to be a crisis day, the day when the largest wave of
victims hit the health care system and broke it. Nothing of the sort happened. He also got a nurse at the testing facility across the street to acknowledge that NOBODY is coming in to be tested and things are “very slow.” She knew she wasn’t supposed to say anything but she was eager to leak the truth without breaking what are surely national security laws she is bound to as a participant.

I have participated in drills at that facility and took my hygiene training there. I promise you that nurse doesn’t approach my friend unmasked during an actual crisis. This is a drill and this is
what that hospital looks like during drills.

How long can they protect this illusion? What happens when the people stop believing?

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