Twitter forces Laura Ingraham to delete a wholly truthful post about hydroxychloroquine

Yes, it’s Breitbart; and yes, it calls COVID-10 the “Chinese virus.” Regardless of the source, and that moronic racist tic, this story is entirely accurate—and so wasLaura Ingraham’s tweet: Lenox Hill Hospital has been using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients, “with very promising results.” (Her tweet was based on what she’d learned from Dr. William Grace, an oncologist affiliated with LenoxHill:

So what she told her followers on Twitter, or tried to, was not “misleading information around COVID-19,” as Twitter put it—which was itself misinformation, and just one example of the mammoth propaganda drive against all news of promising drug therapies for COVID-19, and for whatever new vaccine they plan to force on every human being on the planet.


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