On yesterday’s (insane) press briefing at the White House: Maduro is a “narco-terrorist” as Donald Trump is “president”

As it struggles with the spread of COVID-19—a struggle all the harder due to cripplingUS sanctions—Venezuela is “in crisis mode”:

And yet even under those conditions, Nicolas Maduro is so evil, and (somehow) resourceful, that he’s helping Venezuela’s drug cartels (not Colombia’s or Mexico’s, both of which are far larger, and Mexico’s, of course, is closer to the US border) attack us when we too are “in crisis mode,” and therefore (somehow) especially vulnerable to Venezuela’s drugs. Such is the crackpot inference we’re supposed to draw from Trump’s press conference yesterday, where he stood flanked by steely military men, as well as William Barr, and read out (unconvincingly, as in a hostage video) a detailed threat to strike back at that imaginary danger to our children (?), and our troops throughout the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific. That danger is supposed to be especially credible because of the US indictment of Maduro as a narco-terrorist—a sham so obvious that only very stupid people could believe it:

Just try to imagine how Maduro’s men could penetrate the US with their “product” at a time when ever fewer Americans are in the streets—except the homeless, who surely can’t afford Maduro’s prices—and you’ll be entering the realm of comedy; though none of this is funny in the least. In any case, what we saw yesterday, with Donald Trump as patent figurehead, “his” war-like Venezuela policy so clearly driven by the Pentagon, is just another upshot of that catastrophic murder in the streets of Dallas over half a century ago. 


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