On Bill Gates’ eugenic zeal, and the “free press” that reveres him anyway

“In plain English, one of the most powerful men in the world states clearly that he expects vaccines to be used to reduce population growth.” —F. William Engdahl, “Bill Gates and Neo-Eugenics: Vaccines to Reduce Population,” Financial Sense (a version that’s been scrubbed online), March 5, 2010       

Tracking the eugenic efforts of the almighty Gates Foundation isn’t easy, as Bill Gates owns the Internet, figuratively speaking, and has largely cleansed it of disquieting information on himself, his parents, Bill and Mary (both zealous eugenicists), and his “philanthropic” doings across the planet. 

Look for anything concerning his notorious speech about the need to whittle down the global population to a “Golden Billion”—a long-term project that would mean somehow exterminating well over six billion peopleand you will come up empty. (I have, anyway.) Similarly, do a Google search for something on the polio vaccine that the foundation sent to India in 2012, and that caused the paralysis of over 47,000 children there, and you’ll find just two pieces, buried in an avalanche of paeans to the multi-billionaire’s miraculous benevolence. (You’ll have better luck on DuckDuckGo.)

With that in mind, let’s turn to some news that (barely) broke six years ago: the claim by several Kenyan doctors that a seeming tetanus vaccine provided by the WHO was actually a means of involuntary birth control. Having sent six samples of the vaccine to laboratories in South Africa, the doctors learned that the vaccine was “laced with HCG,” an antigen that causes miscarriages.”This proved right our worst fears: that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated, forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility-regulating vaccine.”

Thus Dr. Muhame Ngare, of the Mercy Medical Center in Nairobi, told LifeSiteNews—one of several Christian outlets that appear to be the only ones that ran that news without “debunking” it. A Google search on “Muhame Ngare Nairobi tetanus vaccine 2014” brings up “A Resurrected Vaccine Fear Puts Kenyan Infants At Risk” (Forbes), “Kenya Catholic Church vaccine fears ‘unfounded'” (BBC), and—at the very top—Snopes’ take: “Is Tetanus Vaccine Spiked with Sterilization Chemicals?” The answer to that troubling question is, Snopes tells us, “False.” Click on the red icon next to that “rating,” and you find it means the “claim” is “demonstrably false”—although Snopes’ David Mikkelson fails to “demonstrate” exactly how.

The reason for Snopes’ failure to explain how that disturbing claim was “false” is that the claim—like countless others Snopes has groundlessly “debunked” over the years—was true, as a quartet of academic researchers noted three years later, having carefully reviewed the episode: “Given that hCG was found in at least half of the WHO vaccine samples known by the doctors involved in administering the vaccines to have been used in Kenya, our opinion is that the Kenya ‘anti-tetanus’ campaign was reasonably called into question by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association as a front for population growth reduction.”

What ties Bill Gates to that appalling—and, no doubt, successful—stab at”population growth reduction” by the World Health Organization is thathis foundation had become one of WHO’s major funders: “It provides 10percent of the World Health Organization’s overall budget,” notes LinseyMcGoey in her incisive study of Bill Gates’ philanthropy.”In 2013, it emerged as as the largest single donor to the UN health agency, donating more than the US government” (emphasis added).
quote in on p. 8.)That Gates, an avid—some might say obsessive—champion of vaccinationas a means of “population control,” became WHO’s “largest single donor”just the year before WHO granted Kenya what appeared to be a generous supply of tetanus vaccine that was covertly “laced with hCG”—an antigenthat, in combination with tetanus toxoid, “causes pregnancy hormones tobe attacked by the immune system,” as those four researchers noted—is,to say the least, suggestive, and, on its face, newsworthy enough to move”our free press” to look into it, especially now that Gates is out there hollering for a new vaccine to save us all from COVID-19.But our press is no freer now that it was when those brave Kenyan doctorssounded that quite justified alarm (which Kenya’s government pooh-poohed); and since Bill Gates, and Big Pharma, have jointly gagged the Western press as tightly as Xi Jinping’s regime has gagged the press in China, aboutBill Gates there’s nothing—nothing—in our media but sycophantic praise, and rapt attention to his every outburst of misinformation, as if he were some kind of medical authority, and a man of rare benevolence, when he’shad no medical training, made his billions through sheer ruthlessness(just as Carnegie and Rockefeller made their fortunes), and—crucially—is “demonstrably” obsessed not with the welfare of the human beingson this planet, but with killing off as many of us as he can. That obsession should have moved the watchdogs of the media tosome appropriate investigation—and would have, if Gates weren’tobscenely rich. Thus there’s been no follow-up to the revelationthat “Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein many times, despite his [Epstein’s] past,” as the New York Times reported last October—a revelation highly pertinent to Gates’ passion for eugenics, which Epstein shared (nor is that all they shared, apparently). What with the endless war waged by “our free press” on Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, you’d think that Bill Gates’ frequent travels on Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” as well as their combined eugenic interests, would get some press; but since the press is only adulating Gates, they wouldn’t touch that doubly ugly subject with a ten-foot pole.

Instead of raising any question about Gates’ eugenic mission, or even noting it, they treat his lethal urgings as humanitarian wisdom: i.e., his loud demands for the rushed deployment of a new vaccine for COVID-19, for universal mandatory vaccination, and for ID-chipping the whole human race. While raising no objections to that crackpot program, the press has also merely nodded at Gates’ recent call for an even more protracted lockdown of the entire USA–a lockdown for “ten weeks or more.” For Bill Gates, with his hundred billion dollars, and his zeal for “population control,” that such a move would kill off the US economy, bringing on a second Great Depression that in turn would kill off millions of Americans, are not bad things, but actually a plus.

With “our free press” revering such a man, and nodding in agreement at his lunatic pronouncements, instead of properly investigating him, and properly subjecting them to skeptical analysis, we clearly need to do our own research—but that’s not all. Let’s face up to what’s really happening here.How are Bill Gates and Big Pharma, among other mighty interests, actually exploiting with this unprecedented crisis? They’re using COVID-19 as either a pretext or distraction, with the intention of destroying us. We therefore need to (somehow) get together, take all proper steps to save ourselves, then carry out the necessary second revolution that will junk this rotten system for all time, and make one that will finally serve us all. 


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