More on quiet hospitals in California (and the need to know which ones, nationwide, are really overwhelmed)

From Marilyn Langlois:

Thanks for sharing these observations about hospital activity.  I have also read that in northern Italy there are certain hospitals that are totally overwhelmed and others that are not at all.  Apparently CBS once showed footage supposedly of a crowded  hospital in NY that was actually in Italy.  Also scenes of coffins lined up in Italy are identical to a similar scene from a movie (don’t have all those references handy now).

Yesterday I went on a bike ride around Richmond CA, where I live.  Kaiser Richmond hospital has a bunch of tents in the parking area by the emergency room where ambulances normally pull up.  Saw a couple workers come and go, but couldn’t detect any other unusual activity.  

Then rode out to the Craneway Pavillion, a huge event venue, which the newspaper reported had been converted into a field hospital.  Before you could get to the entrance of it, near the ferry dock, there was a big chain link fence and a security guard who told me the rest of the trail around the building on the Bay side is closed.  I asked if any patients were there yet, and he said no. It looked very quiet and empty.

Apparently San Francisco hospitals are pretty quiet, too.  There’s an article in today’s SF Chronicle about a woman whose brain tumor surgery was postponed (fortunately after her making a lot of noise it will now happen Monday), along with all “elective” procedures and anything that isn’t immediately life-threatening.  Apparently the operating rooms are empty or rarely used as they’re being held ready to be converted into ICU’s when the “surge” of COVID-19 patients come.

There clearly needs to be a more accurate accounting of what percentage of hospitals in any locale are actually overwhelmed.  And those that are need help.


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